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(see: a fassbinder lie)


he is the director who has shot so many theatrical films that make people nauseous.


(see: die bitteren tränen der petra von kant / @ hanging rock) gives a cameo of newspaper columns in the melodrama.


-no money is needed to shoot movies. if you don't have money, rent the camera and steal the roll,

said the great man.


the spirit of fear gnaws
four seasons vendor
effi briest
3rd in my favorite directors list for now




fear eats the soul may be his most prominent movie, but i think his weakest.


german film director. years ago, the tv series was also featured in the berlin alexanderplatz trt.petra von canteen tears of pain, fox and his friends are just some of his films. for his last movie (see: querelle)


the pride of the new german cinema, with the phrase "for now":

(see: angst essen seele auf / @ hanging rock)
(see: berlin alexanderplatz / @ hanging rock)
(see: die bitteren tranen der petra von kant / @ hanging rock)
(see: die sehnsucht der veronika voss / @ hanging rock)
(see: welt am draht / @ hanging rock)

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according to derek malcolm; in 1977, when fassbinder was in the jury at the berlin film festival, he asked for the golden bear to be given to the film woschozdenie (the ascent) by larissa schepitko from soviet russia, and some of the jury members did not seem willing, but there was a bit of debate. when fassbinder got angry and turned to the door saying "if you are not going to award this film, i will leave the jury", another jury member, derek malcolm, stood up saying "if he goes, i will go too." then they gave the award to that film.

it is tragic that the director of the film, which won the fassbinder appreciation, died in a traffic accident 2 years after receiving the award. she was one of the promising female directors of those times.


man of loneliness


he also said something like 'i prefer not to be free in hollywood rather than thinking that i am free in germany'. *


(see: el hedi ben salem)


director with a cheering name


the director who infringes on your psychology


(see: no childhood at all)


carries the hope of an implicit utopia while showing the contradictions that exist within limited frameworks as if they were hopeless by grabbing the concept of power, which is the biggest problematic of human history; he also said it explicitly: “i wish the unrealistic elements in my films could bring the audience closer to their reality, even more so, to a utopia”.


"rainer werner fassbinder" (1945-1982), one of the shocking directors of european cinema, has a pose i love. an informal football match between friends is over or they have a break. a so-called white 1st fc cologne on the master, blood in sweat, hair head scattered, coke in one hand (not beer, after all!), cigarette in one hand ... '

that photograph;



the theatrical expression in his films is due to his very good use of the setting. he wants the audience to understand the subject not only through dialogues but also by interpreting the scene. and yes he keeps telling the same thing in a different setting.


"it is true as it is said that all of his films are bad. nevertheless, fassbinder is the best director of german cinema. when germany needed cinema to find itself again, he was there. the only director who can compare to fassbinder may be rosellini; it has not even succeeded in making france as visible as in the fassbinder films that reflect the germany of the post-war era. " (godard)


he has a close relationship with the name franz. the characters he finds close to him in most of his films are called franz. he also used this name as the editor of his films. the source of this situation is the novel by alfred döblin berlin alexanderplatz. fassbinder said it helped me survive for this novel, and there is a fourteen-part television production adapted from it.
the name he used as the installer comes from the surname of franz walsch, raoul walsh *


(see: spirit of fear gnaws) (see: love is colder than death)


he died in 1982 as a result of a mixture of high doses of cocaine and a sleeping pill.


"i am not revolution, i do cinema. and i always make one movie, always the same movie. this is what makes sense." he said.




thanks to his theater education and the staff he has worked with for many years, he has appeared in many fields from production to director, from writing to editor, from cinematography to acting and has made 35 films in a short time. he has also written plays for radio and theater, made short films, acted in many films (36 times), has a great energy that has helped other directors' projects. however, he is said to be a very tough and brutal character. for example, he is said to have tormented irm hermann that he worked and had a relationship with. el hedi, who also starred in his latest movie, Querelle, in fear eats the soul, was devoted to ben salem, whose relationship with him also ended violently. it is the most important representative of the new german cinema. he died by taking sleeping pills and cocaine at the same time. it is said that he was the script of his last movie with him while he died.


there is also a tv movie he shot in 1970, called die niklashauser fahrt.


most of the gay directors on the market ": let me say all of them" came out of his coat.


he is shooting movies with assertive and harsh propositions for germany or a country in the kaf mountain. but i do not like the acting of the movies at all. as if they played without any rehearsals.