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the man i thought was made to play chess. i guess there is no player who uses horses better than alekhine. it almost makes you dance. plays very aggressively like necmeddinov. he is the most enjoyable chess player to watch. also (see defense of alekhine)
he was quite devoid of ethical values. this is probably due to his fear of losing his championship.


chess genius, master player. creator of the alekhine defense (a chess emergency starting with e4, af6, with the ingenious development of the vienna game). world chess champion between 1927-1935 and 1936-1946. he won the title by defeating casablanca in 1927 and held this title for almost 20 years - except that he lost it to max euwe for one year in 1935.


although he is a man i do not like, he is the only person who died while holding the title of world chess champion. he has no business with seriousness and morality, he turned it into a thousand and one tricks not to play a rematch with capablanca. paul keres alekhinele won the world championship match, but the second world war broke out and alekhine died.


an article about his life and death…ewsdetail.asp?newsid=3005


this master of combinations is one of the most important names in the offensive game in chess. in 1927, he became the world champion by defeating a giant like josé raúl capablanca.


he is also a very ugly player. blows cigarette smoke into their faces, makes his move standing, stands up and sits down and disrupts the opponent's concentration. after this player, some moral rules were introduced in chess. such as not smoking in the tournament hall, and the obligation to make moves while sitting down.


champion whose name is often mispronounced. russians say this name as "alyohin". slightly like 'kh', with a little emphasis on the letter 'h'.


it is said that he participated in tournaments with a wheelchair because he broke his leg for a while, but left the table with his opponents on a stretcher.


still a great master of chess that inspires and amazes all great masters.
in his time he had incredible matcheswith fisher as well as with capablanca.


magnus carlsen's favorite chess player.




he did his doctorate in law at sorbonne university. he also broke the record in this field by playing blindly with 28 people at the same time. his passion for cats made his chess cat at least as famous as him. even in 2006, commemorative stamps with pictures of alekhine and his cat were printed.


he is also the creator of his famous four pawns attack tactic.


in my opinion, he is the greatest player of the chess world ever ...


he had developed offensive tactics that no one had thought of at the time. for example, he encouraged his opponent to pile his pieces in the center of the board, and the opponent, who thinks that this is a very natural superiority, would easily fall into this trap. whereas the alekhine would attack this cluster, which restricts each other's movements, while the opponent was strongest in the center, and suddenly there was no center supremacy, the opponent who lost control of the complicated game would lose the game.


the most aggressive chess player of all time. due to his style of play, he constantly attacks and never withdraws. the mentality of the game is to force the opponent to play according to his own moves. the rules of courtesy at the chess table are owed to him, because alekhine has made a habit of distracting acts such as blowing cigarette smoke into his opponent's face during the match, getting up and walking around the table whistling.


one day, while taking an exam in the classroom, the little alekhine jumps out of nowhere, shouts "i found it." when his teacher says, "what did you find my child? did you solve the question?" he says, "no, the black horse (for example) comes to f3 and blacks win with the sacrifice of stone".


it is said that in 1937, he won one of the games while he was drunk with a ringleader in the rematch when he regained the title from euwe.


the fatal master of chess. he brought a new breath to chess with his understanding of chess in a period when it was believed that chess is now, monothon, and when ties come to naught. alekhin views the draws he gets like a loss, his only goal in the game was to win. he has impressive moves and stone sacrifices.the other player studied in the two geniuses of the attacking game is tal.

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