emilie clarke -sexiest women on earth

emilie clarke -sexiest women on earth

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been hearing rumors on upcoming season of game of thrones that john snow is not dead, how true is that?

emilie clarke, white-haired daenerys targaryen, aka khaleesi, aka mother of dragons on "game of thrones," is esquire's sexiest woman alive.
the magazine made the announcement early tuesday, but gQ got there first, anointing clarke woman of the year in september. is she really sexy? am sure boys can tell better.

not sure about how sexy she is but she is yes, the most gorgeous face introduced in hollwyood after a while


ofocurse she is!


i think she is fat


why cant this red women just die


yes he is alive. he was spotted at the shoot of new season that too in ned starks attire(does that mean he is going to rule the north?) apparently, he will be brought back to life by red women and once he wakes up from the dead he is released from all his vows so ruling the north is possible or maybe the iron throne