not being sure if you are handsome or not

not being sure if you are handsome or not

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subject that is not difficult to test. upload your photo to social networking sites and check the likes. if you have a like list of male friends and female relatives, you are not handsome. if there is no appreciation, focus on your career, there is no point in forcing.

“i get handsome when i wear a beret. i get even more handsome when i wear sunglasses. the more my face is not visible, the more handsome i am "


if you are not sure, you are not handsome.


i think it doesn't matter. the only question to ask is: if i had a daughter, would i want her to marry a man like me? if the answer is yes, you're handsome.


it seems to go away when i take off the glasses. (see: myopia + astigmatism)

usual situation. because being handsome or beautiful depends on another person.

so you are never good-looking. but another person might find you handsome.

the dilemma that only someone who is not handsome will fall into.