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the sect that chooses not to reveal their religious views. they neither grow a beard and mustache nor tell which sect they belong to. the important thing in melamism is to have knowledge, to attain virtues such as humility and respect..


first of all, it is not a cult.
it is a way of life and understanding.
since it is believed that the titles and ranks that will be taken in the world will bring the arrogance that will drive man away from the man-i kamil, there are no titles such as sect, sheikh and mullah. he is only attached to a guide, as a guide, to lead him to the human-i kamil. but this bond is sincere. there is no worldly rank, the rank is in the sight of allah. every desire is to reach the right. for melamis, worship and love are not something to be shown to the public, but an act to be done for allah hidden from a servant. there is no homework like in religious orders. because melamism is a road, not a school. there are not so many dhikr or conditions such as prayers. the servant is already responsible for fulfilling his duty. tongue and heart should always remember allah. because every breath is a remembrance.


a sufi sect.


one motto of melamism:
mercy is not the last stop, but a door to pass through. there is more to it..