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Istanbul art scene

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louise bourgeois: 'larger than life'exhibition to kick-off on 1st september at isteklal caddesi no8. the artist is said to known as feminist artist as she believes art existed before gender.


take a look at 'tuzlu su/ saltwater' the 14th istanbul biennial . events will be taking place up until november 1st this year, showcasing the best of local and international talent.

berkay bugdanoglu, a young turkish artist who often uses salvaged materials like steel and old noticeboards as a canvas, using their unique textures as an element or counterpoint to his compositions. his work is dark and austere, with a gently ironic undertone. you can see more on

those seeking a unique experience in istanbul should not miss art here gallery and cafe in kadıköy ( . it showcases works by a collective of talented young syrian and turkish artists based in istanbul. it hosts various cultural events and is also generally a good place to work, drink a potent syrian coffee and take in the ambience.


untold stories - entang wiharso

untold stories is an exhibition of work by entang wiharso at dirimart gallery at nisantasi, istanbul from october 8-november 7. wiharso is one of the most prominent contemporary artists from indonesia, working mainly in mural-size paintings and metal sculptures.

Quite alot is happening on art front in istanbul. istanbul art scene at its verge!


once again organized by İksv, this year the biennial will be curated by carolyn christov-bakargiev, who is an accomplished author and curator. she has previously worked as the artistic director of documenta (13) which took place in 2012 in kassel, germany as well as in kabul, afghanistan; alexandria and cairo, egypt; and banff, canada.

this year's theme is saltwater: a theory of thought forms. the curator has described the biennial's aspirations in these terms: "with and through art, we commit ourselves to the possibility of joy and vitality, leaping from form to flourishing life.


ahad saari: azarnegari
ahad saari is an iranian artist, a pioneer of literary painting with fire calles "azarnegri". this technique is drawn from buring peice of clothes and turning them into an art piece.
the exhibition is happeing till 31st oct at bagdat caddesi.