affluenza kid

affluenza kid

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after couch failed to meet with his probation officer in early december, local authorities in texas issued a warrant for his arrest. eleven days after fbi and us marshals joined the hunt, officers arrested the teen in the resort city of puerto vallarta, where a domino’s pizza delivery tipped them off. couch and his mother were detained on monday 28 december.

in mexico

the judge who gave him his light sentence retired before she could be recalled. despite demands for a recall, judge jean boyd retired shortly after handing down ethan’s sentence.

with the mother

ethan’s father owns cleburne sheet metal, valued at approximately $15 million.

in court in 2013

to give some more factual info, he was drunk when he drove 70 miles per hour in a 45 zone, ending the lives of four young men and women who had stopped to help a woman in a disabled car on the side of the road in texas. the psychiatrist testified that he couldn’t comprehend the consequences of his actions because, essentially, there had never been any consequences for his actions before.


ethan couch, came into the national spotlight in 2013, after his lawyers argued that a condition of “affluenza” in part led him to kill four people in a drunk-driving accident.