hold my beer

hold my beer

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the english meme that can replace "you can't do it" by saying "come on, watch and look now".

turkish equivalent: hold my beer.


(see: stop, let's see)


i love to use it when it comes to breast.

one of the most beautiful examples is water.


it means "you say it can't be worse than this, you see it, too." don't make sense of your butt


the internet meme that was sung before you hit the gas and tried something nonsense.


(see: worse has worse)

... there is a lot worse than that. hold this one, let me show you aside late.


(see: diego stop if you love his god, it's already messy)


when i was trying to do any job, my father came and stood by me for a while and because i knew that he was watching me, i couldn't do that job, and then he tried to give me anything he held in his hand and insistently wanted to take the matter, “my son… hold this one. it wouldn't be like that, look, stop. "
even getting a little angry when i didn't want to quit, “get over the edge. look, do you know how it will happen? leave it to me… just let me… let me go, son? ”


dwarf word before fight.

he also adds that andraste's ass.


(usually) the last words from the person's mouth without opening his eyes