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yoga for beginners

when you meet a yogi, avoid jokes like -are you a yogi bear haha?-

check the odor of your feet when doing mass yoga (aka orgy yoga, almost anagram that will hold even letters).

stay away from the word om.

get up, wash, then do not sit on the ground again.

yoga for beginners

“30 days yoga with adriene” starts at the beginners level and makes it difficult gradually. it starts with 20 minutes before, but it explains in english but it is an easy-to-understand english, also a very good alternative to doing yoga at home. link: https: //m.youtube.com/watch? v = cxudchcduw0


yoga for beginners

first, determine your purpose. do you see yoga as a light physical activity? are you here just for meditation? are you an instagram yogacist? do you want to experience a different culture? are you aiming to be tt and earn money? if you haven't started this business for meditation and yoga teaching, let me tell you from the beginning you will already be bored after a while. the tt part is another matter.

now our intention is clear and we will start yoga. do not rush to worry too much about hygiene and buy a mat. common mats used in most yoga centers are steam cleaned after classes. after a certain period of time, you will understand what kind of mat you need to buy. a mat that is not too thick and heavy and that holds the floor well (it takes at least 300 lira for this) will take you for years. there are occasional discounts on the site, i recommend you to look.

i think the period when you start yoga is also important. if i had started summer, maybe i might not have liked it that much. as someone who sweats a lot, the lessons may not be very enjoyable in yoga classes that do not open air conditioning in the summer heat. frankly, i am not motivated at all. therefore, it is more advantageous to start in spring and winter.

another issue is to continue the introductory classes for a while (some centers have three-class trials, it is a good idea to start with them) in order to do the asanas properly and stay effortless. this is a bit like boring finger exercises to learn the instrument. yes, you may be bored, but it is harder to correct a pose that has been learned incorrectly or has a higher risk of causing injury.

it is very important to be able to control the thoughts that flow through your brain during the hour and a half lessons. therefore, it is necessary to do the mudra and pranayama teachings properly. if you see yoga only as a physical exercise, it will be difficult to clear the mind at this point. but when you achieve this, you will feel that you are spiritually satisfied.

finally, the teacher factor is very important. you have to experience them all and find out which teacher and school is right for you. hatha, vinyasa, ash tanga, jivamukti and so on. try the schools.



yoga for beginners

yoga is something that can be done with 1 mat and yourself. therefore, do not buy tools, especially if you have not yet decided whether to do it for a long time.

do not dress too tightly. do not shop for clothing either. comfortable trousers / pajamas and a t-shirt to wear. remember that tricky clothes will enter into inextricable positions during yoga poses.

you can start by watching a youtube channel. if you have already done more or less pilates, you will see that some of the poses are similar to pilates movements.

don't force it. try but don't force it. some movements are not done by your force.
do not do it after eating. i think the best is on an empty stomach.

do not take a shower right after yoga. on the contrary, it is recommended to take a shower first. you will take a shower after yoga. after waiting for a while, enter the shower.

do not forget to breathe. remember, avoid to focusing on the movement and forgeting about breathing.

do not overdo drinking water before yoga.

if possible, the environment where you do yoga should not be in chaos. keep it relatively quiet and tidy. do not step into chaos after yoga, and have a rest.

respect your body. you don't have to do every pose 100% right. but over time you will progress.


yoga for beginners

for those who will practice yoga for the first time, it would be better to start by finding a yoga center where they feel comfortable, rather than online or video lessons. for new members, most centers give unlimited membership in the first month. with unlimited membership, you can attend the lessons you want without any time limit. thus, you can find the right type for you by experiencing different types of yoga and learn something different from every teacher you attend. as you learn the techniques of poses in a few months, you can learn as much as you can at home, learning the technique reduces the risk of injury and allows you to easily perform poses that seem impossible.