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kundalini reiki

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it is the type of energy that i have recently been initiated.
i have been meditating for many years, i did not feel a big difference when i got the first one's attunement, only my palms were throbbing. i calmed down. i still had heat on my feet and my palms burned. today i haven't meditated on the first day of 4 days of personal cleansing. when i wanted to calm myself down even when i was at the second degree, i witnessed that it worked quickly, let's see what will the following days will be like.


write down what your wish is in the palm of your hand and then make a fist to wait for your wish to come true.
(see prayer)


(see: arson fox) *


(see reiki)


during the meditation in indian yoga, we can call it the energy / aura that forms our soul, which symbolizes the supreme hidden power within us. some call it kundalini mother.