techniques to get girls

techniques to get girls

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come closer to your side ..
lightly touch his shoulder.
when you turn and look .. look into your eyes .. smile, warm .. do not take your eyes off your eyes for a while ..
at an unexpected moment ..
block the head in the middle of his face .. and a flying kick in the waist ..

talk about your statements .. while taking police uncles at the police station ..

- as if you are tempering and tinting the bottom of the pot, amina koye ..


you better read international, then say that you are a member of the national youth foundation, then read words from nietzsche, then walk and rap like a nigga, squeeze the pogo in the meantime, then tear off the pogo, give a flower, blow a face, hold a bird with your mouth throw two flip flops in the air..perhaps one holds. after all, this is the chick nation.


not trying to temper.

"erdinc is a very interesting person ... pamela is like you are a wife ... she didn't look back for a day ... somebody pulls me to her .... i think i'm falling in love ..."


first, let's put forward ceteris paribus:

1- you are male. (ie you are not gay but also have enough testosterone in your body)
2- you have an operational will to get girls. a hypothetical will is not enough.
3- you are not so ugly to disgust. everyone knows the content of the term "ugly" more or less, there is no need to explain.
4- you are not dirt poor.

if even one of these conditions is missing, you will not need to read the rest of the article.

now let's list the common truths:

1- every girl can be tempered.
2- the most basic desire of girls is to be "unique" "unique" "unique" "beautiful" and "valuable".
3- girls absolutely think that they have the characteristics listed in article 2 and expect treatment accordingly.
4- no girl is and will not be happy. there is always a whirling trouble in their minds. the moments when they accept that they are happy are temporary.
5- girls don't need boys sexually.
6- boys only make sense for girls in two situations:
a) providing confirmation that they have the characteristics listed in article 2
b) to constitute the trouble-trouble facilty they need for their souls as per article 4.
7- the only way to pick up girls is through them. come to mind; for their small brains by weight, it is a "problem", a "mystery", a "point of interest", a "node to be solved", a "validator when needed".

these truths, as we have said, are commonplace and are not affected by geographical, economic, historical, psychological and sociological conditions. by considering these facts, the male person will definitely reach the target by shaping his behavior according to the specific conditions. there is no need for detailed explanation.

if "x" is the tempering of the girl, our formula will be:

x = y * t so:

girl = path * time.

path : refers to the "wanderlust" value of the girl trying to get tempered, and if you appreciate it is a variable independent of the man. road traveled; it is a value that expresses the tendency of the girl to have relationships. it can take values ​​in one road, two roads, half way, band. (concepts such as marginal distance and average travel will not be discussed in terms of the pedagogical scope of the entry)

time: it is a value expressing the unit time to be spent in effort for tempering the girl.

as it can be understood from the formula, the more ahead a girl is, the unit of time to spend will decrease, otherwise the unit of time will increase. returns the value of x = where the unit of time is "0".

the mathematical and therefore universal dimension of the work is as explained above. the ethical dimension of the incident concerns the individual. male; he will make the decision whether to take this path as a free existence or not.

the humble opinion of the author of these lines is; it is not worth anything for this human species who think the world revolves around themself. to chase peace is the best. however, sometimes the sparkle of a pair of eyes staring in your eyes is irresistable.


finally i use the jedi mind trick, to the girl who says to me "typeless", i say "i'm so sweet and you like me" for 10 days, it seems to work, or i feel a tear in power as if i am obi wanna.


tango technique; if he takes a step towards you one step back, if he goes one step back, one step forward ... but always hold it gracefully from his waist ... if he wants to get bored and escape, take it lightly, let him feel your desire breath on his cheeks.


a woman of turkish origin who was born and grew up abroad is sick.all kinds of things are tried to temper the girl, starting from the saying that every road to success is permissible, but it is not successful. i did not think of anything else.

-i wrote a poem for you, i hope you like i wrote it on this paper


like a crystal spring
your brown eyes
it gives joy to my soul
your brown eyes
your eyes, your eyes

cool as the winds
deep as springs
your most beautiful place

your eyes, your eyes

result: it is a very good relationship, happy one day, when 's going to the tv and singing this song, and then the foya appeared. as you can see it can play an important role even in love sometimes


a girl swimming in the sea is touched to the eye, a cigarette is put in the pocket and the sea is entered and the girl is swimming with a flirtatious smile without putting her head in the water and keeping her gaze on her constantly. the cigarette from the pocket is taken out and taken to the mouth and:
-pardon do you have a fever


put your car key, wallet / credit card, latest model mobile phone and your skin on the table, it's okay.


once the girl is aware of you, there is a limit between apathy and excessive interest, discover it, because this limit exists in a different way for each girl.


be handsome.

(see: forgive you thought very well)

ladies love to take shelter and to be owned from time to time, but they don't want men to be forgotten that they are a separate individual while waiting for them.
listen to his problems, but don't necessarily try to solve it. show him the possible ways to solve the problem and the results of those ways, let him do whatever he wants by weighing them in his own brain.

"if this job had a technique, we, engineers, would know it first." 1/176, hadith engineer


stereo technique. drive 2 girls, not 1.

i was looking for excitement at a time in my life where i was running the hookah business of some cafes, i didn't have much money, but things were fine. and i decided to use the following technique that i will explain.

i was going to one of these cafes more often and first of all i made a plan. i named it stereo technique.

i saw a really beautiful girl. i didn't ask if i could sit down. i sat.
i said i will tell something, play 5 minutes. "you have 5 minutes," he said. i started.

we will go to a cafe with you now. i am in "dry streak" right now and i need to find a girl urgently. so i want you to help me, i said.

how will that work ?, he said.

i said you are a very attractive and beautiful girl, we will use it psychologically. we will go to a cafe. the target is clear. (a girl who is not very beautiful but can handle). we'll hang out the way that girl can see. the bill is on me. but no exaggeration. no kissing no petting no touching. i just said that you will listen with great interest to the stupid things i told without taking your eyes off me.

what i told her was interesting and she accepted. we immediately got up and went to the cafe where the target girl was working. i explained, the girl listened to me in an incredible way. i managed to get the attention of not only the target girl but also the other girls with the psychology of "what does this girl find in this type?" because she is so beautiful. i asked the girl to hug me with a small scream. actually, it was something out of the game, but the good plan made the beautiful girl in front of me excited. and suddenly the girl screamed softly and hugged me. i also kept my cool attitude. i created the perception that girls screaming and hugging me like this is something that happens every day. the target girl (waitress) was also staring. had happened. i was also interested.

game over. i paid the bill and we left the venue. the next day i went back to the cafe and was there at the same shop where the girl was working. he came to me before i started to have a conversation with the girl and started talking and asking questions. and that same evening i reached my destination. the next day the girl i was using called out of curiosity and asked if it worked. me too;

"of course it worked," i said.

then i had a conversation with him. the fact that i made such a machiavellian plan caught the girl's interest, and she started to be intrigued as well. we met and reached the goal with him.

and the truth is the target was actually the "girl who is beautiful" at the very beginning.


if the girl does not want it, no techniques will work.
so if the girl doesn't like you, all the techniques in the world are for naught.