scepter of the prophet moses

scepter of the prophet moses

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(see the split of the red sea)

it is that staff that splits the red sea or that gushes water when the stone is hit against the jewish people.
as it is proved in the 60th verse of the chapter of al-baqara, it causes a water flowing in the form of 12 springs to appear.

the multi-function blade of the prophet moses, the james bond of its time. acts as a cane, comes when they call
since he did not leave the user manual before going to the tap, it is not very useful in the present time.

it is believed to be the first miracle given to moses, a 122 cm long wooden wand with a knot on the head and presented by his father-in-law shuayp. it is believed that moses' scepter transformed into a dragon, engulfing the magic of the egyptian pharaoh's men and dividing the sea into two when he touched the red sea.


the scepter used by the prophet moses, who was taught magic, because the most valid skill of his era was magic.
according to the accounts, the most distinguished wizards of moses and pharaoh fight before the eyes of the pharaoh and the notables. the wizards throw what they have on the ground, and snakes and centipedes appear. after moses is afraid of this situation and thinks that he will be defeated, he reveals his staff with an order from the god. the wand is a big snake. becomes and devours the magic of all other wizards, frustrating their efforts.


it is made of wood that moses used to split the sea in half by hitting the red sea while fleeing from the pharaoh and his army with his believers.


the most optimistic guess is the staff that can be found in the holy relics section of the topkapi palace.


is located in the sacred relics section, topkapi palace.