book of arda viraf

book of arda viraf

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it is the work of a writer named ardaviraf who lived in iran in the 13th century. the subject of the work is ardaviraf's journey to heaven and hell .


the scripture that inspired dante's divine comedy. divine comedy is a literary work, while ardavirafname is a text written to renew corrupted and / or forgotten religious knowledge. if we take into account the fact that it has religious concerns rather than being literary, it would be more appropriate to compare the work with the legacy of the islamic prophet muhammad rather than the divine comedy. it also bears many similarities with miraj. the most striking for me was the similarity of what has been written about the sirat bridge.


hemistecan; that is, the purgatory section is different.
he says: there will be no punishment or reward for those who wait at bothistekan, except for the change of cold and hot weather.


work from which dante was inspired while writing his divine comedy.