navratri-nine nights of durga

navratri-nine nights of durga

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wow! seems to be a very colorful tradition. love the colors in hindu traditions.


other then hindu communities there are other communities too that celebrate navratri. with globalization i believe all the religious traditions are more social,cultural and geographical now


i was in india last year around this time, navratri is more of a social experience then religious. it intrigues colors and hope in life.

navratri is one of the most popular cultural tradition of hindu community. its dedicated to hindu goddess 'durga'- the goddess of prosperity. the 10 days and 9 nights of nevratri are filled with ritualistic chanting, prayers, fasting and celebration. in some places in india, festivities include traditional dance and music. if you want to experience the real essence of navratri the two countires you will get to see the most happening activities are india and bengal.

this festival brings us prosperity and soladarity. how liberal we get we should never forget our religious values