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characters from fiction you most identify with

not sure about myself but can surely relate my ex-boyfriend to johnny bravo, charming at first but a big loser and a flirt in real. i dont even know why i dated him


characters from fiction you most identify with

dora-the explorer


characters from fiction you most identify with

neo from the matrix

when İ was about 12 İ saw the matrix when it first came out in theatres. i dont think there was much to identify me with him at the time but after i made every attempt i could to model myself on him. i loved everything about the movie and saw neo as the ultimate role model, tech obsessed, elusive, conscious of whats really going on.

obviously now i can laugh at keanu's acting but i still have some of that childhood fascination. since then my obsession with computers grew and i was always curious to see behind the curtain- the story behind the story. for this i credit neo!


characters from fiction you most identify with

monica from friends

people always tell me i'm lıke her and sadly i have to agree.. i am a total clean freak, need to have total
control in even very casual situations. at least, unlike her i can acknowledge it and try to curb it a little!


characters from fiction you most identify with

aureliano buendia from 'one hundred years of solitude' - gabriel garcia marquez

i read this book first in high scool and again recently; while i haven't led troops in a war or anything like
the crazy shit he gets up to over the course of this mammoth novel. but i do identify in a few aspects- as a child he is very shy and studious, he is a gentle soul but becomes a revolutionary against his quite inward focussed nature.

when İ look at my life İ can see that in childhood i was similarly shy, something that continues to this day but in my job İ have found myself in positions of leadership where i have to quite often be unmerciful to others. it first seems like these aspects of my personality wouldn't fit but maybe the fact that i am not the conventional person for this role is one of my advantages.
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