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all movie buffs should take notice! the american genre film archive is in need of extra funding to preserve some lost gems of bizarre and brilliant genre cinema.

it's common knowledge by now, but seeing everything by david lynch is a must for anybody who call themselves a movie buff.

i agree with bern, all the stories are so similar, i understand the conventional formula hollywood follows, one of the main reason behind its success but audience needs more as they are much more smarter now

talking matt damon, i thought i was the only one who cant differentiate between matt damon and mark walberg
die hard 6 to be back with a bang- yes guys, you all heard it right. it's been revealed that fox wants another die hard movie, and bruce willis - having sleepwalked his way through the piss-poor a good day to die hard - is seemingly keen to give john mcclane one last hurrah too

this weekend i watched the martian, just to summarize, its about a cool biologist stuck in mars. i came across this meme on social media immediately after i watched the movie and this cracked me up.

i have been follopwing iranina cinema lately, not so commercial but great food for thought on how simple thinsg can be done. maybe, hollywood should go more simple now


david flynch my favorite too. i second you bro


i think these are not great years for being a movie buff, especially post 2010. seems like hollywood lost it's creative touch at some point, which was not that substantial to begin with.


the martian is great but i rather suggest to watch hotel transylvannia