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"if you cant think of something make something up, you dont wanna lose your followers ofcourse"



social media is popular for people sharing their thoughts without any suppression therefor, its driven by people like us everyday. people have been sharing their ideas to give twitter a slogan. as a result of which very interesting ideas emerged and obviously not all in favor of twitter.

for example:

browski ‏@browski_uk 8m8 minutes ago lambeth, london
"aveyard's graveyard"

christopher moriarty ‏@darthshatner 9m9 minutes ago
when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. but it won't follow you back.

hannah ‏@hannah_goes 11m11 minutes ago
twitter: because validation from strangers on the internet is literally all you have to look forward to today



"tweet your own business






"twitter, where your wildest dreams come true". wait, that din't fit well here i guess..

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