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i ordered with instant gas, let's see. will be reviewed and edited when it comes.

edit: went over and bought it by paying 149 tl and received it this morning.

first of all, let me state that it is very easy to connect.
and it came to me not with the lousy brown box seen in the videos, but as hard as a very stylish iphone box.

if we go to the sound quality, i did not expect it to sound as loud as the jbl ci100, which is the wired in-ear headset i used last, but i found it sufficient and quality because i lowered my expectations. bluetooth headset after all. in the meantime, the sound level increased noticeably when the earphone silicones were removed and the grilles in the sound tunnel were removed with a needle. i probably out of warranty by doing this, but i do this for every headset i buy.

in summary, it is a very satisfactory product vs. material quality that deserves its money.

edit2: i gave it to my brother la. would it be like wired?


i was eager to buy it but unfortunately they lost my enthusiasm with youtube comments


i bought it from aliexpress 8 months ago. more precisely, i got it on new year's eve, but 2 months shipping period. it had a price of 20 dollars.

the device is very aesthetic. it fits well and does not fall off. when he tune in to the final sound, he doesn't pick up much noise from the outside. i just bought it for use in the office. those who listen to music for an hour or two a day like me can buy it and use it. still works fine. charging goes for 1-2 hours.

with the 11.11 discount, it will be down to 22-odd dollars. enthusiast do not miss.

i borrowed this headset from my friend to try it out while looking for a bluetooth headset as airpods are expensive.

the left ear and the right earphone are connected separately to the iphone 7 plus phone, and therefore only one can hear sound. you are connecting both at the same time. disconnects the other. i would be very happy if anyone who knows the solution to this makes me green.


when you answer the phone with the right earbud, there is no problem with hearing, but your surround sound goes uncomfortably too much to the other side. he wants to end the conversation immediately.

there is very little noise from the left headphone, i think there is something wrong with the headphone. the volume of the right earbud did not satisfy me. i could not like this headset when i compared it because i had the opportunity to try the airpods for 1 month. but what more do you get for this price anyway.

additional: i tried apple tv 4 and it doesn't see this headset at all.


although it is seen as a very cheap device compared to its high-quality counterparts, it is a product that does not have many deficiencies except that it cannot give enough loud sound as a wireless headset. it is a very useful price performance product that fits on the ear, does not fall off easily even if you jump and bounce, and its headphones can be charged in the box (deck) like its equivalents. don't come and compare it with airpods functionality and iconx quality. here is the low budget medium pole product. greening the question.

$ 25 price / performance product that i have been using without any trouble since september 2018.