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ebrar alya demirbilek

the yellow girl seen in ikea ads.


ebrar alya demirbilek


ebrar alya demirbilek

a new case of melinasmoma.

capture every second of the child on video, upload it to social media, try to make money by taking advantage of your child's innocence for three cents, that's all.

typical turkish family who disgrace their child's future for money and showing off.

yes yes get more likes and earn more. get a sponsorship fee from the clothes the child wears and the hats she wears. then shamelessly attempt to collect royalties from youtube videos. you can't get rid of being middle eastern with a bit of modernism. it's that simple..


ebrar alya demirbilek

i spent 22 years for the media world. i have never seen such a dirty and ungrateful market...

a friend who reads these lines should have his parents read it, please remove this sweety from this market. let her play games, travel, have fun. everything is fine now, but what next?


ebrar alya demirbilek

she is so sweet.

her beauty is already at a high level, but she also has a speech that fascinates.


ebrar alya demirbilek

she is extremeley sweet, but i pity that child..

i think the ministry of family should call and warn the family and even impose sanctions if necessary.


ebrar alya demirbilek

when small..

ebrar alya demirbilek

the day we attach importance to the education of our children more than anything else, something will change. in my opinion, by selling the child against his will to the rich husband; there is no difference between dragging them to the screens at a young age to earn money or to become famous. money is at the forefront in both of them, both are child abuse against the child's will. i never find it ethical to make money on children.


ebrar alya demirbilek

a sweet little one that i randomly discovered on instagram.
although i didn't care much at first, i got uncomfortable and unfollowed lately.
whoever is in control of the account is constantly sharing ads. i am so sad. think about it, you are never left alone.
cameras around all the time. the channel ends, the phone cameras start and so on. unfortunately, there is not one ad-free picture.
i hope the family clears their minds a bit.
"good luck kid."


ebrar alya demirbilek

little beauty.