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elmyra duff

cartoon character you understand better when you own a cat. sometimes we kiss, hug and smell the animal so much that we are no different from elmira.


elmyra duff

psychopathic girl with a skull-shaped buckle.

elmyra duff, who loves her pets when she was young saying "i'm gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever", will probably love her husband after marriage: "i'm gonna hug you and kiss you and fuck you forever"
(see: mountains to stones)
*: in terms of being a traumatic bonus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy_-kbvo8ek


elmyra duff

for the only song that comes to my mind when i see him:

(see: i hurt as i loved your soul)


elmyra duff


elmyra duff

"i will hold you tightly until you die !!!!" a kind of animal lover whose cry is chilling


elmyra duff

"i want to kiss, squeeze, love you, mmm !!!" warner bros, who was born with his crazy love for animals. red

(see: dog / @ turuncan53)


elmyra duff

i think i love my close friends like this. i can't notice it until i hear a whirlwind. apology


elmyra duff

our cartoon character girl is engraved with love for animals. there are real ones of these girls too. yes, yes, i heard that the maggots in the apple were put on toy cars and walked around. the love of this character is not like that, they can't get in the way. loving animals so much must actually be a nice thing. the subject of insects is different.


elmyra duff

one of the funniest cartoon characters.

he has a place in our hearts with his structure that haunts his loved ones. there is a reason if it struck us in the middle of the day.



elmyra duff


elmyra duff

the cartoon character who has a very extreme love for animals, presses them to the flank and does various affectionate torments.
- come on, don't run away from me, little cat, i will love you very much, but first i will wash you, make you clean and wash the cat in the washing machine.


elmyra duff

the sick-spirited cartoon character disguised as a cute girl who confines animals in cages and tortures them until they die or run away, and it is also the most appropriate adjective to be associated with sticky people who bored us so much.


elmyra duff

a red-haired, blue-eyed, freckled cartoon character who tugs the animals into a doll sheath and plays with them as if playing with one of their dolls, washes them and squeezes a bottle in his mouth and tortures with a similar tone


elmyra duff

the owner of infinite love and affection in tiny toons, orange-haired brutality woman. takes the tasmania monster, puts on make-up, buggs take the bunny, hugs it, hugs it, chokes it tight.

a unique character to simulate the motherhood in some women. there are chicks reminiscent of elmayra, women who target pimples on the dark spots on your face, play constantly with your hands and legs, and embellish your psychology with uninterrupted hugs and kisses. the apple got hell.

there was also angelica, i think in rugrats, a character i think looks like this.


elmyra duff

in tiny toons, she is a funny character who loves animals too much (!) and dies when she says love.


elmyra duff

for the kitty, which she has been grabbing the most, subjected to the greatest torture (see furball)


elmyra duff

"tiny toon adventures" character that haunts pets.

it is famous for harnessing creatures such as cats, dogs and birds to extract their water.


elmyra duff

expressive power is high. i want to tear your love into pieces while i love you. expresses with things like.

i say "it has a special place for me" and close the subject.


elmyra duff

is the character i transform into while loving a cat.

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