do you have to shed tears to cry?

do you have to shed tears to cry?

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a poem that i think someone published under the name of victor hugo because i can't find it in french anywhere


sometimes tears flow inwards... you can't understand that you are crying... souls that self-destruct as heart collects water thanks to the flowing drops... masochistic? i don't think so.. more like an expression of nobility and loneliness..


the poem of victor hugo. should tears flow from the eyes to cry? can't a person cry when lips are smiling? do you have to look beautiful to love? can't a beautiful soul in an ugly skin connect the heart? longing; is it to stay away from the missed? can't be felt when the missed one is near? theft; money is stealing property? can't stealing happiness be theft? should he pluck the rose from its branch so that it wilts? doesn't it fade on a rose branch when it's a pink bud? should a weapon be a dagger to kill? hair bag, eyes gun, smile, can't it be lead?


it is an appropriate sentence for those moments when everyone expects you to cry and judges you by looking at your tears. sometimes it hurts so much that one can't even find the strength to cry.