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--- light spoiler ---

the book has dealt with a subject that has been handled a lot like vampires and is now starting to give a zucchini flavor, in a very interesting and fluent way.
it is a work that allows you to feel the atmosphere of the period and smell the blood and ash.

--- light spoiler ---


jasper kent was born in 1968 in worcestershire, studied science and natural sciences in cambridge, specialized in theoretical physics. he worked as an actor, instrumentalist and director in musical theater for twenty years. he gained a great reputation in a short time with his twelve books.

brought a new breath to historical fiction and combined the two genres very well.

the author whose novel twelve is considered one of the best historical fantasy novels of all time.


the author of the danilov series that i read in one breath.


he is the author of the danilov fives, of which he has just written two.
the second novel of the series is thirteen years later.

others will be the third section, zmyeevich and uncle mitka.