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i have been using the crystal clear litter pearls brand for more than a year, and in total i have spent no more than 10 bags. the point is not to do it little by little, but to empty the whole bag (take whatever is the largest size from it). (see: crystal clear litter pearls)


(see: great inventions)


the smell is so heavy that there is no need for research or scientists to say that it is harmful to health.

to describe the smell, it makes it difficult to breathe, i feel like there is dust in the air.


it is beneficial not to take the round, tiny marbles (mis). wherever the sand stands, the place in question can look like a small beach at the end of the first week.


it is the pink beaded sand that i avoided giving money as my cat got used to shitting in the garden.

(see: finding beads in your shit)


it is harmful to both cat and human health.


my kittens didn't like it at all, i do not recommend it. even though the vet recommends it. (see: chuck silica cat litter)


it was welcomed with great admiration by the only cat of our house, in the first place it was greeted with 2 post pee - 1 post poo. kiss the hands of the inventor really.


the type of sand that should not be tried in the hope that it will not be spilled. because they scatter it around with the same performance.

the solution i found is this; if you have a cat toilet with a door, put the door against the wall as far as the cat can get out. this way, instead of flying out of the toilet, the cat will come out calmly through the wall obstruction. relatively less sand will be scattered.


it is cat litter containing non-carcinogenic silica unless it is in powder form. the reason why silica is carcinogenic is that the microcrystalline structure of the fine powder state reaches the lungs when inhaled and causes capillary bleeding.


slika based sand. it is preferred because it is cheap. however, it is harmful to both animal and human health. choose clumping cat litter called bentonite. more successful in both odor insulation. and easier to clean.


if you have a cat with respiratory illness, it is allergen, and triggers asthma.

in fact, your cat does not need to have respiratory illnesses, odorless and clumping sand is better by leaps and bounds for the following reasons:
clumping sand does not smell if you clean it regularly (twice a day)
not allergen
your cat's feces are not transmitted to himself and the surrounding areas, so the risk of your cat getting infected is much less.
your cat's tiny nose won't smell dirty synthetics, her lungs won't be harmed

down with crystal sand, long live clumping


i have used for my cat for three years or so. it is expensive and unhealthy, but i prefer it because bentonite is not scattered around like sand. that damn thing called bentonite clings to the paw of the cat and travels the whole house. i know what a shitty thing in terms of health but there is no alternative, if any, i am open to suggestions.


it is claimed that this sand causes cancer. i would say it is useful to take a look.


i had no problem with my female cats, but this male breed ...
changing it once a month, being yellow or something. we will look at the situation after two weeks trial period ..


contains silica material that can cause silicosis if the dust is inhaled for extended periods of time. "can i have a pack of silica sand every few weeks?" although i said and knew about silicosis disease, i only established the connection after the last news about denim grinding! should be investigated.


use for naughty cats; it can also be in the form of playing with the sounds of 'fasha to fasha' by making floating movements in it. it solves the odor problem to a great extent.


the sand we use for our two cats. i'm never satisfied. takes my breath away. it doesn't last a week with the second cat we just bought. stone everywhere. it is spreading everywhere through my cats fingers. sinking to my feet. crackles while vacuuming the house. i hated the sandy thing. if they say let's change it today, i will change it immediately.


i have been using crystal sand since day one and it is very successful. i also have a habit of shoveling poop and pee products instantly and throwing them away. the cat is finicky (or she's a princess) because she doesn't pee on her pee!


it never felt unhygienic to me. while the other sands clumped up and reveals where the animal urinates, all sides of it cling to. i couldn't keep it for even two days, i changed it, it's not clean.

the cat will do the trick, then step on it and go to the toilet again and this cat will roam around the house. it is not hygienic . other sands don't have a nice smell either. it is best to take regular sand.


the important thing to be careful about in this cat litter is to remove and discard the poop made of cat litter once a week and to remove the yellowed grains from the pee formed at the bottom with the dustpan. also it is necessary to use a good brand, little pearls is recommended. as long as you pay attention, crystal cat litter is a very clean, odorless product.


sand type that i would not prefer when there is clumping (see white sand).


although i have used the cheapest * one for my cat for more than a year, which also happened when i changed brands, i did not encounter any problems. maybe humans are allergic to certain substances and some cats are allergic to this sand, but fortunately no one around me was so unlucky to have a cat. the biggest advantage is that it can last much longer. i guess it works like gelling substances that we are used to seeing in orchid commercials because no liquid accumulates at the bottom, it absorbs all of it and keeps the sand dry all the time. it is necessary to change it when it becomes unable to absorb, which happens at least a month later ...

note: the situation has nothing to do with whether the cat is a breed or not, because the cat owners around me are satisfied as well as siamese and van owners have been using it for years without any problems.


it is the greatest cruelty you will do to yourself and your cat. don't take that shit. clumping sand is very cheap. go use it. there is no carcinogenic material such as crystal sand.


the cat killer


according to the information i have received from my relatives working in the chemical industry, the rumors about "making diseases, getting cancer, getting upset, pity for your cats" are real, not rumors. although it saves the homeowner the hassle of frequent cleaning, it poses a threat to kitties. the most beautiful is the admiral cat litter, which is a kind of baked sand.


do not use it seriously harms cats.
it is a substance used to age fabric itself, stay away.


(see kristel kama)


carcinogenic substance used by lazy cat owners, who are concerned about their comfort, to change them once a month. sale should be prohibited immediately.

for harmless miraculous cat litter (see: bentonite cat litter)