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bactericide, tuberclosid, virucide, fungicide drug applied on the skin for mucosal infections.


it has healing properties for aquarium fish with fungal infections. it should be applied on the wound of the fish in a separate bowl with the help of cotton wool. it rips the cotton that is formed due to very effective fungus in 15-20 minutes.


it is a useless solution if it is covered immediately after application.
if the wound will be wrapped with gauze or bandage, it should be waited to dry after applying the batticon on it so that the iodine is released slowly to prevent infection around the wound.


the chemical that the veterinarian applied yesterday to my cat, whose stitches were removed after neutering and said to last for 3-4 days. as soon as he got home, the cat licked it and finished it. i called the veterinarian and explained the situation. she says don't let her lick. how can i not let this cat do that, as if it listens to what i would say..


it is an invention that spoils mankind with its effectiveness.


i will say that consult more than one doctor before applying the drug to your cat. find out how long you should use the medicine.


infection drug


tincture of iodine. it can be used to clean an open wound without the need for blowing.


one of the main ingredients of hospital scent.


antiseptic solution, which is poured into the areas to be cut before surgery, applied to the cut area in post-surgery dressings and is the source of the odor that is etched in our minds as a "hospital odor". it is used externally and is not swallowed. it also contained 10% free ions.