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allen test

unfortunately, the test that intern doctors do not care much, which should definitely be done when injecting blood gas from the radial artery. if this test is skipped, problems may arise, which may lead to amputation, or loss of the hand.


allen test

it is a type of physical examination that helps to understand whether one of these arteries is blocked in areas with double arteries such as the hand or ankle.

the application at hand is as follows;

blood flow is prevented by applying pressure on the ulnar and radial arteries at the level of the wrist. the patient opens and closes his palm and drains the existing blood through veins. the color of the hand fades as the blood flow stops. the radial artery is released. the increasingly pinking of palms and fingers indicates that circulation has begun, that is, the radial artery is intact. the test is resumed by applying pressure to both arteries again; the ulnar artery is released; this time the result will show the function of the ulnar artery.

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