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ielts vs toefl

both are exams that must be taken without reading these pages, researching the forums and asking the opinions of the entrants.
because everybody makes negative comments and causes prejudice.
both of these exams measure your english level, the more you know, the more points you will get. to learn tactics, there is no need to pour money into private organizations to gain practicality. tactics are already available on the internet. the rest depends on how much you use english and yourself. sit down and work at home.
i entered toefl and ielts without any outside support.
before entering teofl, i read the forums, asked people for their opinions, intimidated myself and did not get the score i wanted.
i checked what the exam was like before taking ielts. i did not ask anyone for their opinion. i got the score i wanted.
it is possible to get the desired score from both. learn english, create your own tactics, do not listen to anyone, do not be prejudiced.
also, since it measures academic english in both exams, i recommend following the big bang theory to add some fun to the study phase. i encountered many words i learned in big bang theory in both exams.


ielts vs toefl

both of them have pros and cons:

1) ielts and toefl consist of the same 4 parts
2) to enter the ielts exam, you need to reserve a place for the day you will enter at least 1 month before, for toelf it is possible to find a place after 1 or 2 weeks.
3) try to get used to the english accent on ielts and the american accent on the toefl
4) ielts are done in classic exam mode, with pencil and paper; toelf is usually done by ibt, ie computer, of course, if you wish, you can also take the classic exam, but it is not preferred anymore.
5) there are no teachers to work with ielts, usually there are a lot of teachers to practice toelf, and there are many people who take up the judgment
6) the listening area must be filled in the ielts, it is played on a tape; there are multiple choice questions in toelf, you listen to the talk first, then the questions come, as the questions come, the section with the problem is played again. i definitely prefer to fill the gap, and time is given after you listen first. you look at your answers in ielts, then it is played back. it gives 10 minutes more time to switch to the upper answer key, you can get super points as long as you do not make a spelling mistake.
7) ielts in reading parts directly ask the question, there are tricky questions in between, but they do not break the base; toelf asks you to derive an opinion from the subject being read, and often the time given may not be enough to think about it.
8) there are two main sections in the ielts writing part, in academic ielts, a graphic or a table is given in the first part, in the second part you are asked to write essays; there are two main parts in the toelf writing part again, you are asked to read a paragraph first and then a talk about the subject, you are asked to compare or evaluate these two, and in the second part you are asked to write essays. you use your fingers on the pen toefl in the ielts.
9) while ielts speaking is done one to one, toelf speaking is done on a computer. the ielts speaking exam is done separately from the other parts, you face a live person asks you questions, you answer them, you are more humane, there is an atmosphere of conversation, whereas in the toelf, the computer guides you and the questions can sometimes be more complex because it gives a paragraph and then a dialogue is asked to evaluate these two. gives a chapter from a lesson and asks you to discuss the topic.
10) but the biggest difference i think is that during the ielts exam, someone is not talking while you are writing; as a matter of fact, you try to speak and listen in the same room with many people during the toefl exam, so if someone is still speaking while you have passed the full writing, there is a possibility that your brain will be turned over. or, while you are still in the reading section, you cannot concentrate on the paragraph and the voice of someone listening until the end.
11) one more important difference: ielts exam results are valid for 2 years, toelf exam results are valid for only 6 months.

edit: toefl exam results are also valid for 2 years.


ielts vs toefl

if you are going to apply to the united states take toefl, to apply to the united kingdom take ielts. some institutions accept the score in both. i have never tried ielts, i cannot say anything about it. toefl consists of 4 sections: writing, listening, reading and speaking. while preparing, a lot of books give clues about the exam.

ielts vs toefl

neither i say. pte academic is better.


ielts vs toefl

england vs usa


ielts vs toefl

in listening: in the toefl test, you should take notes at the same time as the conversations flow. then you move on to the questions section, the notes you get will be useful if you are lucky. i certainly cannot take notes while listening.

in the ielts exam, you have time to review the questions before listening. the questions are filling in the blanks, you fill in the gaps while listening at the same time.


ielts vs toefl

question types and comparisons have already been made. let me state this, anyone can decide which one to enter accordingly. i am not a very social person, i am uncomfortable with crowded groups. there is an angry construction. and i am a person unlikely to succeed under pressure.

i bought both toefl ibt and ıelts. first of all, ıelts are made in more elegant and spacious places. but of course not enough. i quit the test in ielts while the guy got a smart result. in toelf, nobody is standing at your feet, in ielts nobody is walking beside you. those who go to the toilet, those who run while returning from the toilet .. the attendants walk between the rows like class teachers and constantly look at the paper with the corner of their eyes. an incredibly distracting environment. also, a man seems to be offering a horse race every 10 minutes with a microphone in his hand, even though there is a huge clock projected on the wall with a projector. the last 25 minutes, the last 15 minutes, the last 5 minutes. frankly, i read 1 sentence 8 times especially in reading and did not understand anything. while i was trying to raise my head and think a little in writing, i constantly met with the officials. i also told them my discomfort about this subject by e-mail. and i can say that this is not an english level test, but a score for tactics + time planning and success under stress.

it is disturbing for someone to speak while reading or writing in toefl ibt, yes, but you already have headphones, if you add an earplug under it, the result may be better. at least nobody is saying come on quickly with a microphone. or we are at the end of the reading, for example the last 11 minutes. the guy says on the microphone, your last 10 minutes. now pass the results onto paper, because you won't have extra time for that.

they're both like shit actually. these exams determine the level only if they are conducted by non-profit institutions. otherwise, always enter again, it all comes to money .


ielts vs toefl

i am in favor of toefl.

if the institution you are applying for accepts both of course ...

in addition, toefl is a more generalized exam. if you are english, you will get good scores by settling the exam logic. the ielts academic has many questions in reading. the writing part is more challenging.


ielts vs toefl

115 pounds vs 185 dollars.


ielts vs toefl

toefl unquestionably although i have ielts in my hand.


ielts vs toefl

i think it is easier to get higher scores from ielts, if the place you apply to accepts ielts. i took these two exams a few weeks apart. my toefl score is 106, my ielts 8, which converts to toefl as 110-115 band. if my english did not magically improve in a few weeks, i think these results show that ielts is easier.


ielts vs toefl

the us university where i will apply for my doctorate is asking 92 from toefl but it is asking 6.5 from ielts so i decided to proceed on ielts.


ielts vs toefl

in the listening section, when you make a letter mistake in filling the gap, you cannot get any points at ielts. definitely more generous in speaking scoring in toefl. when you come across nonnative examiner in ielts, you definitely get lower than you expect in speaking, you can get higher when you do the same performance with a native examiner.


ielts vs toefl

if the goal is to get a high score from speaking, take ielts.

for all other purposes , take toefl.


ielts vs toefl


ielts vs toefl

ielts genaral is much easier to use than versus toefl ibt and ielts academic.


ielts vs toefl


ielts vs toefl

i find ielts much easier and more accurate as someone who has taken both.

if we come to the reasons:

the speaking part. in toefl, you can only hear the question from the computer once and the time starts to flow. you do not have the chance to listen again, you have to be careful not to increase the duration or increase the time. there are 6 questions in total and 4 of them ask things like reading / listening or doing both and summarizing what was said, what would you do if you were, what's the problem here, the relationship between reading text and recording. again, you need to set the time well and not miss anything from the listening section.

if ielts speaking, there is a person in front of you, first asks simple questions to calm you down, then asks you to talk about a topic for two minutes and then asks questions related to the topic.

in listening: toefl asks both the campus and the lecture multiple choice questions. in campus questions, student - professor, librarian, student affairs etc talks. the lectures come from american history, biology, geography, economics, astronomy, etc. the recordings are quite long and you can really get distracted after a point.

listening in ielts: first of all, i should state that the listening section for academic and general ielts is the same. this means that the conversations will not be overly academic because the man who goes to general ielts for immigration is listening to the same speech. here too, there is lecture at the end, but it is not long and academic like toefl lessons. at first, there are more casual conversations such as bus, buying flight tickets, asking for help from customer service, receiving cargo, booking a hotel. the questions can come in different formats such as filling in the blank, right or wrong, multiple choice etc. and you can see the questions before you start listening. for example, you write departure time: ..... and you write it as you heard the departure time from the record. if you are careful you will not miss any questions.

in both, conversations are slow and clear. while toefl uses the standard american accent, you can hear various english accents on ielts. if you are bad about it, british council listening exercises will be very useful. also, listen to the bbc as much as possible and your ear will get used to it in a short time.

ielts is not an easy test, but if you study correctly for each section, you will get the grade you want.
i think toefl can be difficult to those who only need to speak english in daily life, the speaking section does not measure your speaking skills, fluency or anything.


ielts vs toefl

after taking toefl and waiting for two weeks, even after getting your score, you may encounter a situation like "your toefl score has been canceled". it just happened to dozens of people around me, and this trouble still continues. the money you invested is usually not returned, but if you pursue the issue, after long correspondence, they may grant you a new exam if they please, but this is very rare.

ielts, on the other hand, is an exam that cambridge university keeps under control and takes very robust precautions by constantly sending inspectors in centers that do their job very seriously. your ielts score canceled is out of the question.

even for this reason alone the winner is definitely ielts.


ielts vs toefl

i took toefl 2 times, ielts 1 time. i got 95 - 99 from toefl, i'm waiting for my ielts result right now.

the differences in terms of application are:
the places you take the ielts exam in are much more spacious. in toefl, we take the exams in tight internet café-like places. also, ielts people seem much more polite and competent. toefl has transferred the job to many language schools, and they do a poor quality job.

- there is no difference between the listening sections.
- there is a difference in the reading part: in toefl reading, you solve each piece one by one and complete it and move on to the next one. in ielts, on the other hand, you can spend the time you save on an easy piece on the next hard piece, because the reading time is common to all pieces, and the paper is always on hand.
- speaking part of ielts is definitely preferable to toefl. in toefl, it is very difficult to talk to the computer at certain times. especially doing this with many people around at the same time is extra difficult.
- in writing, i definitely say toefl. this is because writing on paper in ielts is extremely tiring, dirty and unnecessary. counting words, shredding the paper with an eraser, not being able to change the places of sentences literally made me cringe. in toefl, i got 29 and 28 (/ 30) without spending time counting words with copy-paste, and finally i checked my writing for 5 minutes. i am extremely afraid of the writing score from ielts at the moment, however.

later edit: i got 7.5 from ielts, the worst score i got was 6.5 in writing. maybe i could have gotten better scores if i wrote 1-2 practice essays before taking the exam..


ielts vs toefl

i could not decide which one to enter, but as someone who will apply to a program with a deadline of 1 march, i am open to all your suggestions and suggestions. i have to take the exam in mid-february to get the results. should be overall 7 or toefl 94.


ielts vs toefl

toefl to ielts score conversion chart:

0--31 0--4
32--34 4.5
35--45 5
46--59 5.5
60--78 6
79--93 6.5
94--101 7
102--109 7.5
110--114 8
115--117 8.5
118–120 9

yes, based on these data, we cannot say toefl 75 exactly ielts 6. according to this table toefl 60 is doing ielts 6. of course, i cannot make much inference from this, as i do not know how much english knowledge 15 points in toefl will be. but if that's the realm it looks like king ielts. on the other hand, since the ielts exam is not test questions, but filling-in-the-blanks, a question may go away from a minor articles error. the fact that ielts is in english accent makes things a little difficult. as a result, i can not decide.


ielts vs toefl

the narrow bands in ielts make it difficult to leap, while the width of the toefl band gap provides more flexibility. for example, ielts 6.5 corresponds to the range 79-93 from tefl. if the score you need is 90 toefl, 7 toefl like me it looks more reasonable in this case, the preference may vary according to different binary combinations.


ielts vs toefl

for ielts, i can say that if you know english at intermediate level, you will get a min of 6 by being technically prepared for this exam. how do i know? because i did that.


ielts vs toefl

both exams have their own advantages and disadvantages. but the biggest difference is the speaking section. i am writing as someone who took both exams twice:

speaking in toefl contains questions that require a response of 45 and 60 seconds. timing is very important here and therefore a lot of practice is required. in ielts, on the other hand, it is easier to talk because you have a live person in front of you, and it is possible to answer one question shortly to the other, since there is no limitation on the basis of response time. second, while you have no chance of hearing a question you do not understand in toefl, you can ask the examiner to repeat the question in ielts and this does not cause a negative score. in summary i think ielts is easier and more advantageous than toefl in terms of speaking part. keep in mind.


ielts vs toefl

first of all, the biggest difference between the two exams is the accent, the toefl is based on the american accent and the ielts is based on the english accent. apart from that, the total score for toefl is 120, for ielts it is 9. both exams consist of 4 parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking, while the toefl lasts about 5 hours, ielts lasts about 3 hours. the biggest disadvantage of toefl, based on my own experience, is the risk of being able to hear the speaking part of the examinie next to you while you are writing, since everyone starts the exam at different times. in ielts, everyone starts the exam at the same time and you do not encounter such a problem.

to evaluate on the basis of each section;

reading: both exams give long academic articles. while there is a nuisance like true / false / not given in ielts, there are only multiple choice questions in toefl (execpt one placement qestion for passages). ielts is the most advantageous between both exams in reading; because ,the questions progress in a certain order and it is easier to find the answer on the article compared to toefl.

listening: in toefl, you are expected to listen a recording and take notes before questions. you do multiple choice questions based on your notes. in ielts, 3 separate recordings are listened to and you answer questions while listening to the audio recording. the handicap for ielts is that while listening, you encounter different question types such as fill-in-the-blank, matching and multiple-choice. if you misspell a single letter in a word, you won't get any points. since all questions are multiple choice in toefl, you do not run the risk of making a spelling mistake.

writing: there are two tasks in toefl and ielts. in toefl, time is set by the system itself, in ielts you have to set it yourself. in other words, you should always keep an eye on the counter :) in my opinion, the hardest part is writing, because you have to follow a specific format for each task. if you take the exam without any practice at all, it is very likely that you will stumble. in toefl, both a reading text and an audio recording is given for the first task and you are expected to write an essay about the relation between the two. in ielts, you are expected to analyze a diagram, table or graph. the two exams for task 2 are similar, and you will be asked your opinion on a particular subject. in my opinion, ielts is scored much more scarce compared to toefl for the writing part.

speaking: the part where ielts is clearly ahead. because in ielts you are doing the exam face to face with a real instructor, while you are talking to a computer in toefl. you also see your remaining time, which stresses like crazy. there is also a risk that the recording stops before you can finish your sentence completely (it happened to me) but at ielts you have a natural conversation with your examiner and your exam passes without stress. despite this setback in toefl, i got 27/30 from speaking, i think the scoring system is good, judging from this.

edit: ielts 8.0 is here. feel free to message me regarding any qs on ielts.


ielts vs toefl

in the speaking section, while there is an opportunity to speak to a lively englishman who asks you questions in ielts; you talk to the computer and record sound in toefl. this difference definitely affects your speaking score and shows that ielts is an easier exam in terms of speaking.


ielts vs toefl

i think it's easier to get a high score from ielts. it is not particularly hard in speaking and listening. but if it is necessary for a doctorate-graduate application abroad, it should be checked whether ielts is accepted.


ielts vs toefl

if you have the chance to enter both, ielts is a more passable test because it is more realistic.

but ielts for some reason is little known especially in our country.