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advice for those traveling to phuket

if you are not dreaming of an isolated vacation in phukette, stay in patong. if you book there for at least the first 3 or 4 nights and then change your mind, booking.com is at your disposal :)

for transfer from the airport to the hotel, type google phuket src travel. make the transfer reservation from the website. pay online by paypal / credit card. so you will have taken care of the first fundamental problem.

when you are settled in the hotel, the exchange office is full, change 100 usd. 1 usd about 35 baht. then buy ais tourist card from a telecom store. 7 days unlimited internet 300 baht. thus, both the money and the internet for the first stage are settled.

bangla road famous street. bars, clubs, ping pong show etc are available here. tiger is one of the most famous places. there are dozens of different bars inside and in all of them girls dance on the table, on the pole, etc. there are places for many tastes in babgla road. as we like live music, we generally preferred that kind of bars. new york and mansoon were good. bars in tiger cost a storm more. for example, beer in tiger is between 140-250 baht in others according to the brand between 100-200. not expensive, but not terribly cheap.

the ping pong show is a sexually explicit show. it is based on the fact that women extracted various substances from their vaginas: ping-pong ball, razor string, live frog a few ... the majority of the audience are women or couples. bangla road will always try to sell you from these shows. be careful, they say entrance is free, they do not tell you how much the price is until you enter it. when you enter, the price list comes, if not, ask for it. on the list that came to us, beer was 900 baht. be determined, negotiate firmly. for example, i gave 2 beers 500 instead of 1800, which is the value i guess. it depends on the clay, but i can say that it is at the limit of disgusting, we were bored after 15-20 minutes for example.

massage is super and all over. i tried different places that are cheap and expensive. it's not the price but the one who makes the massage. because i went with the chick, the end was not happy :) if the aim is massage, the places with older and ugly people are better. find a clean and suitable massage place and go there constantly.

there are many activities in phukette. it is good to go. there are small travel agencies everywhere. get them, some are negotiated. they come and take you from the hotel and drop you back to the hotel. the system works well.

fanta sea: show based on acrobatics and animals. i guess this was the most expensive. take what is with dinner and have an open buffet. but when you go to the restaurant, they ask your religion. otherwise it is open buffet. by the way, the guys have made a nice fair / event area, the event is not only the show but the whole place is beautiful. a little nice, they collect their cell phones when they enter. hang up and say no when they ask so you don't wait in vain. no xray search etc like vegas shows.

simone cabaret: drag queen (gay) musical show.

elephant tour: i recommend it, one of the things to do before you die :). take half an hour, even more.
the snake show was beautiful. mini show with many snakes like cobras, pythons etc.
rafting: we bought it for activity, but the road is too long and the route is short for your information.
tiger kingdom: you enter and touch the cage of tigers, hug and take pictures. certainly there is a precaution, but the animals are not so unconscious etc. i think this is one of those that should be tried in life.

phi phi island: we went to stay. visually a tropical paradise. but the road is a bit long , the ferry is disturbing. if you are going to go with a stay, do not take the transfer from the hotel, it is very expensive.

they said patong beach was dirty, my friends said so too. i don't know if we went in low season, it was pretty clean. the biggest nuisance is the large number of jet skis and parasails.

i am comfortable with food, i had a lot of trouble here. i don't know what oil they used or what, but it gave us a lot of trouble. we have managed with pizza and burger king for the last 3 days.
were pleased, i recommend. if you are a single boy group, you will have a lot of fun. have a good holiday.


advice for those traveling to phuket

i think koh samui beats phuket but :)
phuket travel guide can help.

advice for those traveling to phuket

let me provide summary information for the accommodation suggestion;

the beach part of the island where you can swim is on the west side, so it is necessary to choose the hotel on the west side.
i recommend that you choose your accommodation according to the characteristics of the beaches. the places preferred by families are around the karon beach. for luxury accommodation, near the beach of bang thao, there are hotels around the surin beach, but the area around the kamala beach appeals to backpackers, while the patong beach is the heart of phuket and the most preferred area for accommodation with both nightlife and daytime activities on the beach, the kata noi beach the surrounding area is quieter than patong but has a nightlife, and the nai harn beach at the south end is a quiet beach suitable for snorkeling.
find suggestions and photos for the trip to phuket here.


advice for those traveling to phuket

do not pay more than 800 baht for a taxi from the airport to patong and 1000 baht for kata beach. or get on the minibus, get at the hotel 10 minutes after the taxi 200 baht. have a massage every day. calculate simple sketchy 10 baht 1 tl to get the head comfortable.


advice for those traveling to phuket


advice for those traveling to phuket

let me state this first. we went to phuket 3 times as a family. october 2013, august 2017 and august 2019.as it is a place we like very much in every respect, we plan to go again if possible. if you read my comments and recommendations accordingly, it will be more beneficial for you.

let us say that choosing a holiday destination and things to do on holiday is a highly subjective thing, and preferences vary according to the material and moral conditions of the people, their ages, income, tastes, the people they will travel with, etc. etc. that's why i say evaluate the positive and negative comments about phuket or other places accordingly.

this time, a lady who came on the tour alone in our tour said that she was afraid after reading what was written on the internet after buying the tour, but she was very pleased at the end of the holiday. that is why it is necessary to evaluate the comments carefully while doing research on the internet. it is necessary to be careful especially in media such as dictionaries. open, there are very detailed promotional videos of people experienced in travel. i have to say with regret that after watching a few videos, you see that the evaluations of the turkish visitors are not very healthy, they go without knowledge and they visit very limited places and cannot make serious evaluations to be taken into consideration.

- let's start with the journey: there is a direct flight between istanbul and phuket. you can also make connecting flights according to your time and budget. 9 hours 20 flight in total. you are on the plane for 10-11 hours in total. this is considered an intercontinental flight. the plane is flying high and the interior of the plane is getting seriously cold. they give a flight kit with pillow, blanket and socks, but be prepared accordingly. beautiful and useful. it can take between 1 and 1.5 hours from the airport to your accommodation, depending on the traffic and where you are staying

secondly, the most important thing we need to know with these high exchange rates:. when we went there 6 years ago, everything was seriously cheaper than water. we stayed at the hotel far from the center, took a taxi, went to expensive restaurants. life was very good. (i think the dollar was 1.5 lira at the time) in 2017, even though it was a bit more expensive, everything was still very cheap. it seemed equal to the turkish lira. in 2019, even that cheap country was expensive for us turks, unfortunately. the baht was 1.8 tl. almost doubled. prices are the same in thailand, prices are still cheap for tourists from all over the world, but we turks are poor. it is very painful to live it personally. fortunately, even if the prices are doubled, you can still eat at an average place for a click cheaper than our restaurants. regular meals 130-150 baht (between 23-27 tl). let's say they are expensive 200 baht (36 tl). moreover, these dishes are quite full. if you think that a meal with seafood starts from 50-60 lira. of course if you eat dishes such as lobster, etc. were higher prices but still cheaper than turkey, fresh and plenty of variety.

- can we use the banana there while the cost is in the expense events? since i have a phone, let me talk about the tariff of this distinguished institution. thanks to you, you have set a tariff of 49 lira per day so that you can use your package, which is valid in 20 countries, including dear turkcell. this is the first time i had to turn off my phone for 1 week as a 20-year mobile phone user. thanks also to turkcell after the multicomel screen. there is wi fi everywhere in hotels, restaurants, shops. if you are in a difficult situation, they will give you the password immediately.

- where will you stay? there are thousands of options, from cheap to expensive. you will decide this. but i want to draw attention to one thing. it is considered the most popular and central part of the island. for example, there are famous bars. even if you are out of the center, you will want to come here often. there are taxis that you can use as a tourist for urban transportation. short distance 200 baht (around 36 lira), long distance 500 baht (around 90 lira) hotels in central areas may be less comfortable and more expensive, but if you stay in other areas, you will need to add the transportation fee.

- so what's the feature of? what to do why so many people go
the reason why so many people go is actually that accommodation and eating and drinking are cheap and there are many activities to do.

- what are these activities?

1) day tours to world famous islands. places like, (the island where the movie was shot), where he shot the movie. these islands are far from the island of phuket. for example, you travel with speedboats for 1-1.5 hours to go to i. there are some kind of actions on tours. you can watch colorful coral fish by snorkeling, you can ride canoes and have adventures in caves, you can feed monkeys on monkey island.
let me add an important note here: it should not be like destroying your dreams, but unfortunately, these places, which you see and admire, are not as quiet and quiet as in the photos. for example, there are at least 50 speedboats in the bay. full of people, a crowd that will not fall to the ground if you throw a needle. there is no place to visit anyway. impossible to swim. the places taken to swim afterwards are like that. adjust your expectations accordingly.

2) various actions on the island. what are these? you can ride, take pictures with s,, tours, whatever comes to your mind.

3) you can tour the island. you can see the temples, the big statue, see how the island grows is processed, see its construction, and see how the stones from the mines on the island are processed.

4) is of course very famous when it is said. there is a massage parlor on the streets. most of them are for foot massage. you can get a massage from the specialist while you are in his hometown.

5) there are shows you can watch as a family in the evening. a show with elephants and other animals named (a quality cabaret with transgender people), (a traditional show telling the history of thailand)

6) multicolor. there is a big street of bars named. the street, which is open to traffic during the day, is closed to traffic at night. i never go to bar style places, but as far as i understand the few bars here are seriously good places around the world. funny. since it is in the middle of the bazaar, you pass through it many times.

7) the island is in the ocean. beaches open sea. unfortunately, there are a lot of waves on the beaches that you look at and admire the pictures of and naturally you do not swim much. apart from that, the beach is very beautiful. there are all kinds of activities you can think of, from the parachute.

who's coming to? how is the environment there is a place called, i studied there, there is a lot of aganigi maganigi, massages end with a happy ending, and they also say they have it. should i trust the vast knowledge and experience of lexicographers?

a place where mainly families take a vacation. everywhere is full of children. if we look at the nationalities of the tourists, and there are fewer and fewer tourists than them. there are also those who come alone, low-income people and well-to-do people. this is a holiday destination where families you know come from. you can visit comfortably everywhere. of course, some things are happening here more like all holiday centers where lots of tourists come to have fun and drink alcohol. but you can be safe and comfortable both day and night for families and solo travelers. of course, there is no guarantee if you enter the side streets at night. it is obvious that massage parlors are working people who are already in the work of the massage women waiting at the door in the middle of the street. otherwise, you would guess that places would not be underfoot. when it comes to the case that lexicographers do not let go of their language, it is a culture where trans people are culturally understood. it is impossible to distinguish most of these individuals from women anyway, and they are not excluded from society as we do. you can see that they easily do things like shop assistant in the bazaar as they work in the entertainment industry.

- how about things?

the most important feature of the company is that it is very tasty and it has a wide variety of food and it is cheap for eating and drinking. let me tell you that it is not as cheap as it used to be for us turks, it is still cheap. unfortunately, i read with regret that the title includes those who do not like the food and eat burgers and pizza.

there are all kinds of food in a place where tourists from all over the world come, especially in places like it. from hamburgers to pizzas, from doner to arabic, turkish restaurants, to all sorts of street delicacies. you can go back to whatever you eat at home without eating thai food. but don't do it, please. it is not an unpleasant kitchen. try at least 1-2 meals. illustrated menus. you can easily choose the food you can eat from there and get help from the staff. most of the meals are seafood, chicken, red meat and vegetables. do not return without eating pineapple rice served in an example or pineapple. it is difficult for me to have a lot of spicy food with garlic sauce. i couldn't eat them because they touched my stomach, but all but that can be tried. they already make these traditional dishes suitable for foreigners' taste in touristic places.

i have looked at the title now and i find it useful to add this: i love their food since the past. i'm trying to try whenever i can. so the food seemed good to me, but it is not an unpopular cuisine for a person who is open to changes. does not touch the stomach. if you look at what is written in the title, people who have difficulties are people who choose to eat, do not like much other than meatballs and pizza. i still say try the spicy and non-hot ones. but if you don't like it, there are a zillion kinds of food options.

before the dinner event, you can actually find the trademarks of the countries in the region in abundance and cheap. there are a wide variety of fruits in our country that you cannot find, and if you do, they will be very expensive. the streets are full of fruit vendors. these fruits are usually cleaned and packaged. do not return without trying. an opportunity that will not be taken. be sure to try the,,, and s. a fruit that does not have much of a taste that the palace is famous for. you can skip it. try the worst smelling fruit in the world. it's a bit expensive alone. there are also tasteless, sour fruits in between, but they are eaten with spicy sauce, for example.

- how are the bazaar market events?

there are several shopping malls and outlets for all major brands on the island. although many things are expensive for us due to the high exchange rates, you can still browse the stores of your favorite brands and buy something if you come across the cheapness. you will also feel poor when you see the citizens of other countries shopping with their hands full of arms.

- well, when i come to, what can i get that is special for myself and your relatives?

let me make a list for you as a hobby as a grocery store and a gift shop:

1) first of all, you can buy lots of local specialties and pack them in your suitcase. we don't have these fruits anyway. even if you come across it occasionally, it is already very expensive. it becomes an original flavor for your loved ones. it is free to fill in luggage or even in special picnic baskets. there is no problem at the airport.

2) the same fruits have dried ones. specially packaged. now these dried fruits such as mango, banana, etc. are also sold in our country, but you guess it has nothing to do with those here.

3) growing on the island () specific to the region. there are plenty of them in the markets. cashew nuts are expensive there too, as the production is extremely laborious.

4) there are many kinds of markets. most of them are seafood or spicy. you may want to try.

5) too much of biscuits, junk food etc made with many grown in the area.

6) if you like what i do and experiment at home, you can buy ingredients for these dishes. there are various ingredients, sauce, etc. packaged little by little.

7) there is a cream like vicks, which is very famous in the far east, which is very good for pains and diseases. you can take your relatives who are in pain from this and receive their prayers. likewise there are patches that contain this tiger balm. you can find them in pharmacies and drugstores.

8) products made of skin produced on the island. mattress, pillow etc

- what can we find if we open up the case a little bit, where can we find it?

as you can imagine, there are t-shirts, hats, slippers, glasses, etc., big and small shops are full of shops. just as we have items such as magnets etc. in holiday towns, we have them here. also, there are no price tags in the small shops and there are coyote tradesmen waiting for you to bargain.

i will describe two places in its region for souvenirs. you make your shopping as soon as you put it with your hand. you can buy decent things without bargaining.

we said there is bar street bangla road. we are entering from the seashore. when we come to the end of the street and turn left, right around the corner is an excellent souvenir shop named here. prices are average. products are of good quality. the shop is open until late. have fun in the street of bars in limited time and take 10-15 minutes to shop for souvenirs. two birds with one stone.

sir i want to see more variety. i also have time, if you say i like shopping like this, you immediately cross the road. here is the mall. go down the stairs immediately before entering the shopping mall. six of the whole shopping mall area is an incredibly large gift shop. and here it is very affordable. everything is 100 baht. (18 tl) yes, this is the cheapest price for everything that you can buy with a good face. elsewhere these items start at 150-200 baht, you even see the same products for 300-400. so this region has no opportunity.

there is a supermarket in the second section of '. follow people with light green bags. that's where apart from street vendors for fruits, the most varieties are here, both packaged and by kilo.

of course, the region where the most tourists come. somewhat expensive here. of course, these products can be found cheaper, but you don't have time for it. for example, we bought fruits from the market on the first day. we learned the fruits. on the second day, we came across people selling fruit for cheaper kilograms behind the van you know. mama woman mama chose fruits right from behind the van. who knows what more markets are there, but it seems impossible to learn and find in a short time.

- in addition, there are markets like the exchange office, open 24 hours, and pharmacies open until 12 every evening (until 03:36 in bangla road). take the medicines you need with you, of course, but even if you get sick, there are very helpful pharmacists in all pharmacies who speak english very well. you are telling your problem. he gives you the drug by showing its contents. besides, there is no forced sale of big packages like we do. they give the drugs as a daily dose.

for hotels, restaurants, places to visit, etc. in - tripadvisor and phuket.com help. on tripadvisor, you can find restaurants close to your hotel or the region you are in, sorted by taste and price. we were very pleased with the restaurants we found here.

* finally, this information has been compiled from a few family vacations that include elderly people, adolescents, and who cannot travel a lot due to health reasons. you can experience a completely different experience with your own possibilities and preferences. you can rent a car or motorcycle (if you do not have a motorcycle license, you can get to know the penalty. control is tight on this issue. do not say who will find me, it is obvious that you are a tourist as a white man. for example, i am planning to get involved with the public and use public transportation on my next trip against the depreciating turkish currency.

- yes, again, a curious subject, how is it in the region?

rainy period in the region and between. if i talk about my own experiences, it never rained when we went there, it rained continuously in the first week of 2017, but it was raining for 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours and then the sun was coming out again. rain did not interfere with any of your activities. the temperature is the same, the humidity is not much. at the beginning of august 2019, it did not rain for 4 days, 1 day it rained a lot for 5 hours in total. so much so that they closed the hotel's pool. then it improved. that's a little too much rainfall. but i learned that there was a big one in their region. it must be the effect of the typhoon. as far as i learned from the internet, typhoons do not come to thailand, but i think they affect it a little. the temperature is between 28-34 degrees both day and night. getting hotter. the air is more spacious in


advice for those traveling to phuket

definitely stay in a hotel near patong beache. you will have many advantages for transportation, eating and shopping. my advice is to get together, because the price of the beach hotel is quite affordable, the business manager is turkish. its breakfast is also close to turkish breakfast.
as exaggerated, there are no flies or even any. i recommend you to buy a raincoat and a waterproof bag on island tours as it coincides with the monsoons in summer. take the phi phi and james bond tours. maya beach was closed when we went, they closed it for six months to renew itself, but i think it's the most beautiful island. it is impossible to swim in phukette in summer due to the wave. that's why you have plenty of chance to swim on the islands. make sure to reserve a day for inner city temples.
if you are used to olive oil dishes like me, i can say that you are hungry. everything smells like a spice i don't know what it is. even the shampoo in the hotel smells of that spice and you get used to the smell towards the last days of your holiday.
bargain generously on everything. the price is so inflated on tours that you can reduce 3300 baht to 1000. get plenty of massage. there are massagers on every step of the street, the average price is you pay a little more for the same quality. there is an ataturk restaurant on kata beach, if you want to drink raki and eat high quality, you should go there. quality does not mean it is expensive. you can eat and drink for 70-80 tl per person. there are many turks. there is turkish everywhere. shopkeepers are traveling with a calculator because they do not know english. nightlife is bizarre. while walking on bagla road at night, you will see strange people from all nations trying to market themselves, dancing half naked in places, coming and sticking with them. it is cheap or weighed, but if you are consistent, 200 dollars is enough for you to eat, drink and travel for a week.


advice for those traveling to phuket

you can get the daily tours at phuketsrctravel.com. i tried it personally, i bought 6 rounds, and there was no problem on the internet. buying a tour from here instead of cash from the street is beneficial in terms of remaining cash on you. you pay via paypal, they send vouchers within half an hour. if no e-mail is received within this period, mail the men, one of them did not receive the voucher because the paypal payment did not appear, for example, when they sent the paypal reference number, they checked the payment and sent the voucher. on the incoming voucher, the time information they will take you from the hotel is also written. if 5-10 minutes pass, do not panic, they are coming. after you join the first tour, you will see how professional the daily tour business is in thailand and the clouds in your mind will dissipate.


advice for those traveling to phuket

i paid 50 dollars for james bond island. if you get from tourist information in the city center, not from the hotels, you go better. did it meet my expectation? no. is it a must-see place?

i never recommend phi phi island. i did not love.

bargain very hard. i bought a 600-baht shirt for 150 baht. they keep the prices incredibly high. then you can get it for 1/5 price.

patong is the most beautiful place for me. the beach is magnificent. if you are going with your lover or your spouse, it is one of the places you should definitely come to.

these have come to my mind for now ..


advice for those traveling to phuket

don't go for honeymoon.


advice for those traveling to phuket

in general, islands should be seen, if possible, some islands should be visited daily .

the most important thing that comes to mind when talking about thailand is massage. you can have all kinds of massage from thai massage to aromatic massages around 400 baht by real thai chicks. they are really masters in this business.

lastly, the local people were extremely smiling during the 12 days i was left with no unpleasant incidents, discussions, sullens. everyone wants to help, naturally you also smile. this smile does not leave you until the return flight takes off and waves to the view of phuket for the last time from the window.

advice for those traveling to phuket

the first advice is definitely go, i said to myself why i haven't come so far. those who say i will write for a long time after returning should definitely go.


advice for those traveling to phuket

rent a scooter for 150 baht per day and visit the beach.
make sure you go to the island of tachai with a daily tour.
eat lots of crab shrimp and lobster.
for the bucket.
for plenty of singha and chang.
get a bamboo tattoo.
flock the morning with australian chicks like chicks.
have a different massage every day.
start the night in the bars on bangla road and enjoy the life by brewing with three beers while watching the street. then bring the morning in the vibrant world-class nightclubs.
bold, do not return aq.


advice for those traveling to phuket


advice for those traveling to phuket

in general, islands should be seen, if possible, some islands should be visited daily .

the most important thing that comes to mind when talking about thailand is massage. you can have all kinds of massage from thai massage to aromatic massages around 400 baht by real thai chicks. they are really masters in this business.

lastly, the local people were extremely smiling during the 12 days i was left with no unpleasant incidents, discussions, sullens. everyone wants to help, naturally you also smile. this smile does not leave you until the return flight takes off and waves to the view of phuket for the last time from the window.


advice for those traveling to phuket

watch out for pinkish jellyfish while swimming, or they may dye your mother in navy blue.


advice for those traveling to phuket

do not rely on young taxi engines. (the elders are docile) they are like our taksim, cradle pier painters. it's like taking the road with their shoe boxes you agree to 70, where you land, they multiply with their sloppy tongues saying "handle" like a pak-man a.q. but there is no thinner, no knife or anything like that.


advice for those traveling to phuket

do not wait 4 hours during the passport to go in the chinese new year. (chinese nation is very crowded and they flock to phuket as if there is no other place left.also the queues at the airport are not in order and the employees are extremely slow.two of the three people around me were crying last.)

have dollars in your pocket when you go. it is useless to have dollars in the bank. get it in your pocket. there are exchange offices everywhere when you get there. you can convert to thai baht. atm is full everywhere but you can only withdraw thai baht and if you draw 10 baht or 1000 baht, there will be a 220 baht deduction.

nurofen, painkillers, nasal spray etc. must be taken with you. take medications. (if you still have to go to the hospital, the doctor's examination fee is 600 baht at the patong hospital - 500 baht at the tourist health centers.you also get the medicines from the hospital; you have to pay at least 1500 baht.)

it is much cheaper to rent a motorcycle instead of using a taxi or tuk-tuk for transportation. (i did not rent it because i did not have a driver's license, but they did not ask for a driver's license for small engines.the traffic flows in reverse, but everywhere is full of motorcycles, so you can travel very easily.you can rent 200-250 baht per hour. they say 800 baht standard fare for the airport, but we went to 700. but there were also those who went to 1000 baht.)

if you want easy access to everywhere, definitely stay in patong and stay in any suitable hotel if you haven't sacrificed the money to stay in a luxury hotel. they do not differ much from each other except for prices. (we stayed at lub d hostel, there is also a hotel concept. i would recommend.)

if you are not used to ridiculous food, your stomach will be overwhelmed. be you, take breakfast with you. it is very difficult to find something to eat at the hotel. since there are no all-inclusive concept hotels, you have to eat out. apart from mc donalds and burger king, there are also other countries' cuisines, but if you go on a tight budget, there are places that serve pad tai, noodles or rice with vegetables. you can prefer clean ones. (there is a family of pad tai under the beyond night market.it does everything in front of your eyes, its taste is quite good and the price is 100 baht.

the healthiest things to eat are fruit and ice cream. (you can see many fruit and ice cream shops on the street. definitely try ice cream.)

get a massage. (i've had a foot massage a few times. prices are changing, do not enter without finding the best price. also, if you say you cannot massage ladyboys, pay attention to the employees.

go on island tours, but don't expect much from james bond island on james bond tour. we visited many islands within the scope of this tour, only james bond island was disappointing. it was a completely empty and silly environment for tourists to take pictures. other islands were really amazing. make your bargain well.

night life was beating crazy. i passed bangla road in daytime. i will never be able to comment on this since i have never gone so crazy, but there are various places, you will find a suitable place for you.

there is a place called paradise beach. we started walking so that we could visit the bays after the patong. we walked ten kilometers, our mouth was fucked. while trying to reach the freedom beache, we found ourselves at paradise beach. on entering, we noticed that there is a free service every half hour from the patong. also the entrance fee is 200 baht. is it worth it? if you say you will hang out calmly, i say prefer other bays.


advice for those traveling to phuket

for god's sake don't bring elephant magnet.


advice for those traveling to phuket

- first of all, the fascinating places you see in those photos are the islands of phuket, not phuket.

- do not stay in patong, in the center of phuket. if possible, stay on the islands.

- if possible, go from december to may. june - november is the monsoon period. especially september-october is a storm period. i went in september because of necessity. luckily, the five days i stayed were sunny. but three days before i left, there was a knee-deep flood.

- the food is troublesome. be prepared.

-the night life is not bad in patong.


advice for those traveling to phuket

(see flying hanuman)
(see elephant treking)
(see fanta sea show)
(see phiphi island)
(see: james bond island)
(see: tiger kingdom)