ziverbey mansion

ziverbey mansion

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tercuman newspaper published the defense of ilhan seljug, unknowingly documenting that ilhan selciug was under torture.


contrary to its name, kosk located in erenkoy not ziverbey. also known as mental rust fear. the name of the great kosk in ziverbey is the white kosk, it has nothing to do with the ziverbey kosku where the tortures were made. note: ziverbey kosku was demolished in the recent past and left its place to a new apartment.


talat turhandır is the first to say that torture was done in this mansion and showed its place


it is the symbol of the torture applied during the 12 march period. it was also the place where the counter-guerrilla organization was exposed for the first time. according to the stories, it was said that "this is a counter-guerrilla organization affiliated to the general staff, you are our prisoner from now on".


kösk. which was introduced as a mental hospital in the 12th of march.


the starting place of torture with drugs in the country is also in accordance with the memories read. this is one of the turning points for the course of systematic torture in the country.