zeigarnik effect

zeigarnik effect

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scientific explanation of families criticizing their children for things they didn't do in the past, ignoring their achievements to date.


it causes the reason why we constantly remember our unfinished relationships, why we can't forget our unfinished loves, why the holidays when we have to go back home on the third day seem more attractive .


priority recall of unfinished activities and unresolved problems. curiosity is the biggest factor. it is the sister of the priority effect and the recency effect. it is under the title of serial position effect in learning psychology. example: when you leave the exam, remembering and asking what you couldn't do first is due to this effect. it is also widely used in tv series epilogues.


an approach that suggests that any incomplete or fragmented activity is better remembered than completed ones. it was put forward by bluma zeigarnik, one of the names who contributed to the establishment of psychopathology as an independent discipline in russia. also commented by zaika that "an incomplete action leads to tension. when such tension is created in a photograph, we get a visual zeigarnik effect and the photograph itself turns into a puzzle that cannot be solved in viewing time"


similar to unfinished business in gestalt. you want to constantly complete the half and actually bring it to a conclusion. spraying out what's left inside. but because you can't do this, these unfinished business often give a signal, you come across it in the wrong place, you'll be pissed off..


if there is a song that sticks in your mind during the day and you can't stop humming, you can explain and solve it with the zeigarnik effect! very simple! give up the chorus and try to remember the end of the song.