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you say master, master, the man was the guest of adnan oktar. hopefully, mashallah. video site/watch?v=te_sz_qlino


religious personality unaware of the distinction between "theory" and "law" in science terminology. when he silences his opponent with the crowd of mouth and takes the crowd of ignorant listeners with him, he pretends to win the debate, but science is grinning at its ignorance about evolution. example: video site/…a-uqjsnn0 and index=12 and list=wl


i'm done with explaining the closure in islam. twin sisters were walking down the street, one in a fitted sheet and the other in a miniskirt. the harassers waiting at the corner harassed the mini-skirt, so it was necessary to close. see example brew tea. the pervert has no fault of course. there is a world of perverts on twitter who film closed women on the road with a hidden camera. religious scholar who gives idiotic examples.


(see: cheater) (see: liar) (see: fraudulent) in short, "doctor" who has all the adjectives that a person should not have. i will say the doctor of my ass, but it will be an insult to the doctors who do colonoscopy.


the man who failed so badly in the face of the atheist's questions, trying to save the situation with nonsense words. emre dorman of america. the video in question: what you call an atheist asks such questions! - dr. zakir naik


making the whole thing bullshit. he connects the talk to such irrelevant places that the person asking the question gives up, waiting for a logical answer, and thus, zakir thinks that he has won. :/


these are written in the Qur'an already, the head of the department. the video he prepared is already written in the Qur'an, the new edition of the work called these.