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the girl we cut strong during kenan dogulu's concert at the ak$am kuruce$me arena. got me sick. no, it's not him. one of the staff members was sitting between us and the girl. when the girl looked at me, she was getting carried away by the staff. funny funny i$ler.


the beautiful lady that we couldn't take our eyes off of each other during the concert i gave in the evening at kurucesme arena. then one of the elements hung on it, i sent the bodyguards to the outside. we tried very hard not to be caught by the tabloid press, then we were at the concert exit.


of course, she is the woman i am not upset with. even 1% of women who marry rich men don't marry because they really love them. you marry the man for his money; man with you for your beauty. purely commercial. as soon as your beauty is gone or he gets bored with you, the man continues to "buy" other beauties with his money. i don't understand why they are surprised.


the talented striker with whom we formed the forward duo in kuruçeşme belediyespor infrastructure... even though we didn't experience much with him due to our separate locker rooms, i understood that he was not empty against me due to his magnificent passes and our future harmony.


(bkz: hanzo's choice of ciciş instead of master woman)


we used to play long donkeys with it when we were in the Quran course. he was the player of the opposing team. i was 89 kilos.


we stood side by side with him in the friday prayer, but after that fard he left, i couldn't say "may god accept". i have been sleeping in the courtyard of the mosque since that day to meet.


the woman who came to our repair shop with her car yesterday with a long skirt on her feet and wavy hair... i gawked at her face until the crescent moon raised her eyebrows and said "fuck you"... then my master came, kicked my ass and said "fuck you in your novel".. that's why i'm crying right now and entering entry, you know...