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it is said that they will rip movies with a better audio quality, but very obviously the sound quality of their movies is worse than the old yify. as someone who watches movies on tv via a usb memory stick (with headphones), i hear crackling sounds from audio channels, as in pirated vcd's in the past. i don't know what this problem is called, but it is a situation that disrupts my concentration on movies. especially in silent scenes and dialogues, it is very obvious when the letter s is pronounced.


as of now, the site is empty. edit: it's back. going, coming sir.




due to the sound problem i mentioned in my previous entry, it is the group that finally had me switch to etrg. especially in the snowstorm scenes in the movie everest, these sound resonances were very disturbing. this problem was still present in all the movies i downloaded later. only in the intern they approached the old yify quality. i have abandoned them because this sound problem (probably to fit the movie into a smaller size) is hindering my concentration on the movie.


there's no need for retardation. yify will never return, it will be replaced by a good clone. i think this is the best right now. damn, i don't understand your acting like yify's original men are companions, and the clones are assholes. after all, you're after pirated movies, all you fags.