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which conjures up an adjective such as brainless.


the restaurant that i passed by for years with the curiosity of "what kind of place is it" and finally satisfied my curiosity last night. of course, on the occasion of a special day, if there is no iftar menu for 65 tl per person, it is unnecessary in terms of price / performance, and it also threatens stomach health by eating everything that comes to mind. of course, there is no need to eat everything, but student-minded people like me will act with the idea that we pay so much, let's eat it all. excuse me for a second, let it fill up, i'll still eat..


the place is beautiful, it is very easy to reach for those coming from the european side. when it comes to dishes, i can't say that i like lahmacun very much, but i don't usually like lahmacun in antep style anyway. i also like the stuffed meatballs with the method that is boiled and then fried, but i can say that the stuffed meatballs are successful even though they are only fried. the meat is delicious and tender. there seems to be a lot of peanuts in the pistachio kebab, but especially its adanası is very successful because i do not remember that i liked the adana of almost any place for many years. by the way, the raw meatballs are above average.


the institution that served as the sultan's private secretary in the ottoman palace. between two things. the name given to the circle between the harem and selamlık sections of the palace. an institution that increased in importance and sanction power over time as they were the closest to the sultan. (bkz: holding honey licks his finger)


the place is beautiful, the food is delicious. there is no problem in this matter, but we did not understand what it is to write "lavash pita" on the menu and write "1 tl" next to it. it does not suit a place that is well above the average in terms of both price and taste. if you increase the price of all the products on the menu by 1 tl and bring the lavash to the table. so i'm not going to say it either. also, i think that not having alcohol is a serious disadvantage next to the places in its own class. but for this reason, you go for a quiet meal on sunday.


coldness between two people.


a steakhouse in the vicinity of altunizade. it's like a villa. it has a parking lot. it serves more to those who prefer non-alcoholic restaurants. the food is good but the atmosphere is boring. edit: they say there is alcohol service. let's try


closed toe and back, open middle shoe model. (there is no connection between the back and the nose.) it will be very fashionable in the summer season of 2006(!)