your heart is happy

your heart is happy

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the lady who is in the news as of now. i guess the word hanged has never been so meaningful.


despite the insistence of murat glassci and fatih altayli, he did not even allow the use of "elif, lam, mim" and tried to limit the subject to mythological stories. inevitably, it somehow prevented the conclusion that "all religions are derived from sumerian mythology". if necessary, the glassmaker should bring as many cats as possible to the studio and convince our teacher for another program.


the entire teketek special program, on which he was a guest on april 5, 2009, can be found on video site: video site/watch?v=ntjptvbjmli video site/watch?v=ddnfjqc2azi http://www. .video site/watch?v=3js6p5lttyi video site/watch?v=i24p5sxth2s


he made even fatih altaylı tolerable. she is a lady who can expand her horizons with her knowledge of history and mythology, but openly stated that she was worried about the ignorant reactions she might get. she won my heart with her love for her cat and her naturalness.


sumerian cat goddess.