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(bkz: younes was ruiz it was younes was ruiz) (see: beşiktaş management)


when i see him, for some reason, a legendary phrase mentioned in the discussion of sezen aksu on comes to mind. (bkz: immoral and irresponsible son of a bitch mahmut)


the club has done what needed to be done for years on a subject for which the man was right. damn it, the man was a jerk, sold the team, cursed the fans, did all kinds of indiscipline, you swallowed it all, you sent it because he said the ground was bad. fuck what you're doing, you and i are like management. you made me defend that camel driver.


7.5 they say: i'll drive my mind crazy! damn what the hell, what 7.5 ... god punish you! we won't see the light of day because of you, you shameless trustee


8m euro transfer fee. 4 year deal. 3m euro per year. your greasy face. fuck it.


for wesley sneijder, for younes belhanda, the dutch tortoise, it is said that the lion of god. pity, whatever sin he committed. note:bjk


fuck that greasy face that took you instead of sneijder and took the number 10 off that guy's back and put it on you


a mental patient who sees red from the second yellow while leaving the game from which he was taken so that he would not see red from the second yellow *