you light up the night

you light up the night

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shakespeare's lines, which became the namesake of the film: mocking the wound, look how the uninjured goddess turned pale from grief, because you are so much brighter than her! the first of the most beautiful stars of all the heavens! joyful! you light up the night…


when this movie ended and the lights came on, erdal beşikçioğlu was sitting behind me. he turned to can dündar, who was sitting in the back row, and made a sign like what was that.


--- spoiler --- the end is up in the air --- spoiler ---


the film sold out as soon as the tickets for the ankara premiere, which will be held at cer modern, were released. i want to call out to those lucky ones from here: you are the ones who closed the whole season of the diary of a madman, right?


onur Ünlü's film, which he said will only be shown in independent cinemas. moreover; --- spoiler --- the most beautiful marriage proposal in the world goes to this movie. --- spoiler --- ah, by the way, in the interview after the movie, a viewer asked all the actors, "why did you agree to play in this movie?" i think the best answer to the question was given by tansu biser. "from the habit"