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if it wasn't for aybüke's extreme acting, she probably would have gone in the summer, but she plays so high that i get tired. the boy in the role of the vet plays more convincingly than the lead. as it is written above, the image of not having money in luxury looks unbelievably raw. we can't pass through the neighborhood of that villa, and if there is such an office, i need to send a cv.


i don't know a man who can look so romantic in those ridiculous red disco tights. huh, i like it, i like crazy combinations but wow, that's not what a princess outfit was.


whateeyyyy is he making the final??? we haven't seen demir's mother and father yet, so what's the rush now definition: it is the series that includes the most civilized ex-fiancé* among the tv series.


in this series, only one real friend to azmiye. flood's so-called bros are driving people crazy.


there is a character named vedat. he may be the most natural "wise friend" character in the history of the series. the character is a cliché, but the use of the actor and character with the lead roles is so delicious that sometimes it gets in the way of the series. * (see: saint caner believe)


a fun, mind-blowing series. of course, there are places that are not settled, but everything does not have to be so perfect. it's going nice. we shouldn't throw a lot of shit.


the drama in which the extra doctor plays better than the leading actors.