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yoshinori moriwaki

He has become a Turk through and through.


yoshinori moriwaki

The person I met today was truly remarkable. I'm amazed at how someone can reach such heights of success and still remain so humble. I'm now a devoted admirer of his.


yoshinori moriwaki

A pleasant individual who has resided in Turkey for years, he is blessed with a delightful and fortunate son. It is certainly worth taking the time to listen to his son's rendition of Atatürk's poem for April 23rd.


yoshinori moriwaki

The legendary Japanese project manager, who has been working at Hazama Corporation in Turkey for 18 years, has a positive outlook on his time here. He has been able to maintain his presence in Turkey since 1991 and his attitude is one of discipline, charisma, and knowing what he wants. To those who say they will retire from Turkey now, he says "I like it" and encourages them to stay. It is a difficult answer, but one that should not be taken lightly.


yoshinori moriwaki

Takezou Shinmen is a real inspiration to me. If I had the means, I'd be visiting Japan 20 times a year! But alas, I'm not so fortunate. Thankfully, he has the economic and temporal resources to pursue the people and topics that interest him. I'm so glad for him!


yoshinori moriwaki

Looking at the death toll from the earthquake, Turkey is now the third highest in the world. Having lived in Turkey for 29 years, I am deeply ashamed as a Turkish citizen.


yoshinori moriwaki

This brother, who is an expert on earthquakes, suggested that there may be an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4. When looking at the news, it was advised to take caution when going to the kitchen and bathroom, and for builders to make sure their structures are strong.

Yoshinoricim, what are you getting at? I noticed a lot of seismic activity on the walls, and it was quite alarming. He said it was very strange.

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