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poet-author who summarized a lot with the lines "the main thing is life, writing an aquarium is easier than living in an aquarium, so every line is a little missing, every poem is a lie..."


"if we die now, the coffee will get cold the most." owner of the sentence.


the poet whose lines i remember the most, "well! it was nice to grow old missing you for twenty years..." he is also a very warm and pleasant person to talk to.


in the mine line poem, he said "it is a short story, it is a short song that we have suffered for the sake of life, we are crazy to sing it once again..." and sums up life briefly...


poet of the fine line between ending and leaving... "... don't stop! look, i drank, i walked, i got sad, i went to the sea, i got cold, i came to you, before the dream ends, before you end, before the end of love, don't go away! look, i ran, i was thrown, i was always hurt, i was pitched on a cigarette. i loved you too, i was so sad in the distance, before the days are over, don't be longing before the days are over, these fire nights, if you go this suicide, my heart will be in pieces, this full moon will break the chest of the night.


he is a person who once again consolidated his place in my heart by saying "the land should be ashamed if anyone is wrong". as he says in his poem, he is brunette and was born in the bottom of hell* ...


the poet who proved his transcendence with the line "you are touching my eyes with your eyes, if you only knew, you are my eyes at that moment, let's run away, you will think that you see me...".


he conquered hearts by saying "not everyone can be broken, sometimes you have to be a twig to break... but the world is made of logs...".