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i came here again on a rainy day yesterday. it was as if he hadn't changed in 15 years. a pier, dozens of people, buses, taxi drivers... when i saw the pavilion restaurants with names of the singers on the walls, i remembered my childhood in the 90s and the amusement park here. we used to come on a rainy sunday. then it was destroyed.


place with a deserted square where unfortunate journalists await the may 1 celebration


although ido's place is full of buses, there is not a single istanbulkart loading machine, there is only one kiosk. if you're there in the evening, that kiosk is probably closed and you're stuck with the card dealers who charge five liras for a boarding. bro marmaray there, ido there, a thousand bus lines there, man puts a machine, is it such a difficult thing?


looking at the sea from the yenikapı beach is like looking out from the back balcony of the house. let me sell the same desolation mother.


in terms of transportation diversity, its equivalent on the anatolian side must be bostancı