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i stopped signing up after the comments and will evaluate my work elsewhere! i will not allow labor theft after this age.


i, too, am one of those who gave up being a member of this site after reading the comments about it. i would appreciate if authors who know alternatives send a message.


a disgraceful site, the kind the sane person should stay away from.


it is claimed that authors who write original articles and publish them on their own site pay a fee for each article. i don't know what's what. but my humble advice to friends who write ideas as an additional job, do not let anyone waste your effort that comes out of your pen.


this is the site where i read the comments and gave up. if there is a site like a man, please make it green where i can get paid for my effort.


in addition to the low wages for the effort, i can't understand the delay in the approval period. i wrote an article exactly a week ago to try it out, it's still unapproved. it's like they left the site.

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