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ibb general secretary. the act above is right; there is no thief, cheater, immoral, dishonest man in the chp management.


we expect a lot, this time we believe he will do very, very successful works, and we hope that he will punch like a sledgehammer to the perception that there is tightness if there is chp.


tüpraş general manager after privatization


businessman with whom i had the honor of meeting personally. if the conditions were different, i could have talked many more times and benefited from their experience. one of the ones whose neck is bent as his office grows.


he retired from his job at ibb after 1 year. for the replacement (see: can akın ages)


the name that some aktrolls immediately swarm on like a scarab fly. when you bring your mother and uncle, the journey is not interesting, zaar. if it comes, it will be good for sure.


is a chemical engineer. he is the former general manager of tüpraş. he started as an engineer and ended his refinery career as a general manager. he is a humble person who knows what he is doing and what he has done. he is well-equipped, like many senior executives of tüpraş, whom he trained with the logic of being beneficial to his country during the state.

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