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the character with whom i would like to go rabbit hunting and have a glass of kumiss in front of the fire.


a hun hero


the huge man who held a single door in front of all the chinese palace soldiers so that his friends could escape to the stables during the rebellion.


one of the protagonists of nihal atsız's novel the death of the gray wolves and the title of a chapter of the same novel


the term frequently used to describe the nationalists recently.


"if i feed this object called philosophy to my horse, will it get me to Ötüken in one day?"


the corporal whom i embody with a character similar to the character of bamsı beyrek in the tv series diriliş ertuğrul in my imagination. i would really like to be able to ride horses and chat with him while we drank some chumps. if he hadn't died, it would be good to listen to the palace raid only from him, i wouldn't have listened if kursad had told me.


in the book "death of the gray wolves", the name of the biggest and most ambitious one among the 40 members of the great the hero, kür Şad, is yamtar. i also smile when i remember the story of being a philosopher when i was in china, which i can't help but mention.