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a channel that should not be opened on tuesdays. this channel has ruined my charisma by accidentally turning on the fags who make love on the giant screen tv while changing the channels on the tv in the lobby at the hotel i work at. share from kissa, this channel makes tuesdays a fag day, homophobics should stay away.


for some reason, products bearing this label are always placed at the back of the hangers, at the bottom of the shelves in stores. it creates the impression that it is not intended to actually serve the customer group it addresses. they seem to say, "if you're wearing xxl, don't cast a shadow on our brand by dressing from us."


satellite erotic channel..


it is the most beautiful channel broadcasting via satellite, every the youth should discover it..


one of mylene farmer's best songs. you can listen with pleasure in the endless loop. video site/watch?v=5ezp4naa0xa


interviews with super cute french porn stars are very nice channel. reminds me that they are human as well as porn stars (again i gave my message)


norwegian sports brand. the company made one of the most fantastic commercials i've ever seen: http://youtu.be/v25rjtnhkx0 --- spoiler --- surprise ending :d --- spoiler ---


it is a testament to how far the french have progressed in the porn industry. it also streams encrypted from hotbird. broadcasts from 11681000 h* 27500