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5 years of marriage of fernando alonsu was destroyed because of this lady friend. i'm saying this, let this friend come to me, i'll reject my family, my job, my power, my grandfather... fuck off xenia!


he speaks 6 languages oh my..


watched his work called imprevedibile. i want to say "we can't touch, we can't touch, but our god has created such things, we are eternally grateful for his blessings, dear god". edöt: of course, we should not overdo it. due to the nature of the job, there are also people who are bored with even having sex with it. if it happened to us, we wouldn't talk like we do now, after a while.


a work of art, not a woman, sit in front of it and watch for months


he is the god of the underrated. no it was barbara no it was keyt or something, could they be like a russian girl anyway?


he started as an intern in jp morgan london this summer. we wish him good luck and good luck to everyone else in the office


(bkz: fuck those who read it) so its name. how to pronounce this?!? i need to read it though, otherwise i'm contradicting my purpose. höf... add: thanks to boraca. i read it thanks to the name: "seniha"!!!1111!!! line in his last name... the pythagoreanist also says: "kisenya". it is impossible to disagree with the following statement of boraca: "even the letters of the men seem to have lost the vodka too much."


he is one of the most torpedoed of creatures, which i am ashamed to call human. when you search for the name on google and see that it is a russian-swiss co-production, people get excited before the photo is opened. come on, why are we so ugly? or are they from another planet, what's the matter bro? also, it's a shame to say that your aunt is also russian, but if she sees this alive, she will burn her passport and repent.

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