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he is from samsun terme.


tv series where i spent my childhood. i can say that my understanding of beauty has been that since i was little. so much so that to look like him, i would stick my two swords on my back and make the cushion a horse and try to catch my hercules.


my nickname in first grade. even 'baby xena' in full. i was not a child who could not hold hands like that, i remember that i was older even then, oh i had loads bigger than my height * but i had some feelings towards men that i could not prevent in terms of fighting, fighting, violence. i used to beat them up like vicious girls. they gave me this pseudonym. i grew up in a friendly assembly*, i was prone to violence. so now i am a normal xena?


it was the best tv series in the world for me when i was a kid. still has a different place, we are zeyna's soldiers!!


tomboy's new name.


she is the legendary warrior princess whose origin is xena and whom we often watched in our childhood. in the greek mythology-themed series, the story often revolves around a warrior female figure battling against evil gods, their servants, and evil kings. it is one of the important tv series that has been in the memories of the generation who lived their childhood in the 90s.


the lady i once loved. it's sad not to be able to meet someone like him when he grows up. as you know, i'm very hot, short, weak and chubby.