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it is the package in which perl is also installed. that is, under the htdocs folder, you can run your perl scripts just like you run your php scripts. at this point, it is the expression written in the first line that windows users confuse the most. if your xampp directory is c:xampp, the statement you need to add to the beginning of your perl script is: #!"c:xamppperlinperl.exe" linux people know what to write*


after installing xampp for mac os x 1.7.3, by default, the htdocs folder gives write permission to the system, but not to the admin. i tried to move the eclipse pdt project for hours, swearing. i realized this fact because it couldn't be that simple after all the remedies were exhausted. give permission to write to admin sir.


it is easy to use, it has the latest versions of the programs, and i installed the addon needed for jsp on it (which has been a dream to run jsp for until now) i couldn't believe it, i think i'm going to cry with happiness...


since it is an ampp package that can work on every platform, the x in its name represents the wildcard.


since it is portable, it allows you to move your php server on your usb disk. just few settings needed, change port from 80 to avoid port conflict because iis is using port 80. it has filezilla as ftp server. i think the only thing you lack is a nice editor***. (search: all you're missing) (see: portable program)


how to pronounce is a question. zaaamp