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a market affiliated with wwf that i have been following for a long time. at the end, they did something like a seasonal discount, there are discounts on a lot of products. you need to buy it when it's cheap.


ok the logic is nice, i like most of the designs too. but i was upset, an animal who made some money when i made a water-horse t-shirt for 120 and a red fox hoodie for 250.


organization that markets products with the exploitation of nature


all good intentions i even wanted to buy a gift and a beret for myself but 125? i stared at the screen saying 'hmm... got it' with the price. i guess i can wear it through sponsorship after i become a video siter and reach a certain number of subscribers, or let me wear it, what's going to happen?


it is an institution that takes advantage of the soft bellies of environmentalist people and exploits environmentalist people just like religious traffickers exploit religious people. yes, the socks are of good quality and look nice, but they are so expensive that they are not really worth buying. i go to australia with the price of that sock and feed that animal for 1 month.


a market with perfect simplicity but with 'weird' product patterns. while you may look like a beverly hills girl because of the sweatshirt you bought in size s, your belly can look like a depression cardigan that you bought in size m.


the hoodie, which was sold for 130 liras before the discount, tried to sell the hoodie for 148 liras with the discount, it's an institution thing that shakes it. be a little realistic! also, free shipping over 200 tl hahahha. anyways love.


it will be like an ad backing but get their ad. prices seem reasonable too. let's see the quality after using it. i can edit something. (see ads now)