wrestler's ear

wrestler's ear

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it is a fuller, meatier ear type than a normal ear. it is not necessary for the bearers to be professional wrestlers. it can be seen in every person who has been interested in wrestling at some point in his life and has received a blow to his ear. apart from wrestling, it is also seen in other occupational groups with a high risk of getting a blow to the ears, such as boxing and housewife. it is called cauliflower ear in the medical literature. it smells very bad when boiled, its fries are delicious.


crushed cartilage etc. the blood that fills the space opened by the urethra hardens over time and creates a cartilage-like tissue there in terms of hardness, which makes the ear very misshapen. for some wrestlers, this ear type is proud, it is a symbol of how hard they work and how hard they wrestle. it doesn't matter whether it's freestyle, greco-roman or oily wrestling.


it is known as cauliflower ear because its shape resembles a cauliflower and is mostly seen in wrestlers and boxers. this injury, which is a badge of honor for athletes, even led boxers in ancient greece to sculpt their cauliflower ears in a way that proudly displays them.


a type of ear created by competitors rubbing and kneading each other on the mat. with the breaking and crushing of the cartilages, this organ turns into a piece of meat completely. (see: boxer nose)


although it is the sign of wrestlers, i think aleksandr kareli, who is the best wrestler of all time, has cillop-like ears, if not chogenterean?


english: cauliflower ear


ear resembling mevlut meatball $attached..


if the coin is in one ear, it is a sign of being a good wrestler.