word flies, writing remains

word flies, writing remains

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it is always misunderstood and the emphasis is always misunderstood as "writing". on the contrary, this saying goes all the way back to aristotle. that the writing is actually like a stone. a word that proves that the word will make people take action, even in ancient times there was no silent reading. people read their books aloud. actually the movie "agora" may be good to understand this word.


contrary to popular belief, the saying "words fly away, writing remains" was uttered in order to prevail over the narrative-word, not the writing.


the version for women who wear make-up is as follows: - the headlight goes away, the pen remains..


as is commonly and mistakenly thought, this so-called praiseworthy article is not a word. it is believed that the word, by expressing the letters/writing that remained silent and lifeless in the holy book, makes it fly and gives life/spirit to the inanimate like jesus.


a very old latin poem. like many features of latin, it has passed to different nationalities/languages. the horse becomes a challenge remains a valiant $an remains the word leaves the text remains 32 bit high color.


what our roman brothers once expressed as "verba volant scripta manent"; expression that words will succumb to erosion over time, but written documents will be more permanent..


very sensible word. if i could write down the things that came to my mind as i was thinking at that moment, i would have won 3 nobels, 2 grammys, 4 oscars, 1 champions league trophy right now. i don't even say that i was the first to mention twitter, expert tv, etc. in the country, because no one would believe it. for example, i have made my failure permanent by putting this thought into writing. piii.


it is an endless loop: (see: the word flies, the writing remains) (see: the text flies, it remains silent) (see: the silence flies, the word remains) ..... ..... ......